Lady Zahara d'Armaz
Iman as Zahara d'Armaz (Yassin)
Full Name: Zahara d'Armaz (Yassin)
Byname: None
Age: Mid-Twenties
Kingdom: Four Corners
House: House d'Armaz
Title/Profession: Lady of Daniffen Pass
Position: Lady (Alchemist-Healer)
Place of Birth: Parthia
Sheet Information:
Father: Casho Yassin
Mother: Hani Yassin
Siblings: Three (To Be Named)
Spouse: Lord (Sir) Altair d'Armaz
Children: None


Zahara d'Armaz (Yassin) is an Alchemist. Or is that Healer? Or Merchant? While capable of possessing many roles, she has every intention of furthering skills in alchemy. But there have been situations recently which have pushed her towards investigations of the unknown. In the years between 1863 and 1867, she has seen her life change dramatically. From merchant's daughter to alchemist-healer, it's the latter where she has excelled to create not one but two things of note for the benefit of healers and alchemists. Now married to the former mercenary, Altair, who is a lord in his own right - who knows what the future holds?

On the Grid

"Knowledge or Power. Such questions you encounter. On the path of knowledge one finds power. And there, one encounters. That encounter leads to questions. Questions lead to Knowledge. So what do you seek? The Power? Or the Knowledge? Careful your answer, else you expire."

"You strive and strive and work miracles with your hands. No mortal wound can resist you, sweet Zahara. When the hounds of the Church come, will you be ready?"


Adriono Adriono D'Armaz : It seem strange to say that this Count is my father in law. Adopted Father in Law, I should say. Nevertheless, one should never say no to him without a good reason, I hear. As such, he has been kind to Altair and I for now.
Myrana Myrana D'Armaz : I believe that Myrana is a kind woman at heart, but appears to share her father's determination. How much, I have yet to see. It also seems that she is not accustomed to much physical contact - if my husband's attempt to give her a sisterly hug was any indication.
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