Lord Yves d'Martine
Maximilian Befort
Maximilian Befort as Yves Michel d'Martine
Full Name: Yves Michel d'Martine
Age: 28 (1837/03/22)
Kingdom: Aequor
House: d'Martine
Title/Profession: Lord/Wraith
Position: Lord, Knight-Seregant
Place of Birth: Brive
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Father: Lord Scott d'Martine
Mother: Lady Miranda d'Martine
Siblings: Lord Clarence d'Martine (Heir), Second Sibling d'Martine (To be named)
Spouse: None
Children: None


Lord Yves d'Martine is the first born son of Lady Miranda and Lord Scott d'Martine. While not heir apparent, he walks multiple paths as Noble, Wraith and Vigilant. What is moderately unusual is that he and his family are devout followers of the One Faith, given that they faithfully serve the al'Sylenthars.

Publically, Yves has some visibility as known investigator whose specialty does not shy away from the oddest or unusual cases. It may be that he has some connections with the Inquisition but nothing has been confirmed aside from the Church being a frequent employer.

Note: Any mention of the Order of the Vigil is to be kept as OOC information, unless IC allows otherwise. This also applies to Wraith tendencies, given that his specality is investigating along the strange and unknown qualities.

On the Grid



James Duke James Al'Sylenthar : The Duke is only someone I have interacted with from a distance. Yet, he is not one to be trifled with. His decisions are quite sound and well-thought out by the time they are given to us to be completed.
Alina Lady Alina Al'Sylenthar (Deceased) : The Duke's first chosen heir and she was my ocassional charge and responsibility. If, the necessity arose. While quite familiar with the persona that the majority of people saw in their dealings with her, I was not lulled by such things. She was the Duke's daughter and not one to be taken lightly. However, now that she has passed, I find that my fellow Wraith brother is now heir. She was far more suited for such duties, in comparison.
Corvin Corvin Fremont : The Wraith's Commander and the Duke's acknowledged bastard son. While not even close enough to call the man 'friend', I respect what he does and have never once spoken against him. As he is Al'Sylenthar in blood and serves with his father's blessing, he falls under the blanket belief that we hold as d'Martine to do what we can in support of our ducal house.
Marcus Lord Marcus Al'Sylenthar : His Grace's son and a Wraith brother as well. It suits me well to blend both together in my perception of him. He seems well suited to the dual nature of such duties as well - noble and wraith. Recent events have served to spur on the possibility that even a third facet may become known to him. I wonder what he will think. Since the death of his sister, he has been occupied with learning the duties which will now fall to him. That also means he is not as free with his time as he once was.

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