White Hall


Just to the North and West of Aequor’s shore, and directly West of the one Iceniala coastal settlement is the Island nation of White Hall. Of a colder climate than the lands of the West, the people of White Hall are hardy, and hard people. Though they are capable of tilling the land for agriculture, the winter lasts considerably longer there, only letting them grow food for three months of the year before the land is once again too hard and frozen for food. To supplement this, the Kings of White Hall raid the far more fertile lands of the main land, as well as maintain some farming villages and fortresses in the Northern Wastes, which are also used as resupply points for White Halls vast fleet of Longships.

The Kingdom of White Hall is a series of smaller realms which pays homage and is under the banner of the High King. Like much of the West, King is relative, they may be Queens, but unlike the West the residents of White Hall do not always follow lines of succession. They have battles for it. Though the King may pass the title down to his first or eldest surviving born child (bastard or legitimate does not matter to White Hall) if another feels he SHOULD be the next ruler and has the support of a majority of the King’s Moot, he may challenge the current King for the title. This also goes for the High King, but the King’s Moot consists of the Kings of the various clans that make up White Hall. The High King can only be challenged during the yearly meeting, and he must openly declare the challenge before the entire assembly. If they agree, the fight is done right there.

Raiders are a normal site along the coasts and river banks of the West. White Hall sends Longships out monthly, and they raid for supplies, or steal livestock. Many of the settlements have simply paid a tribute, which is offered before the ships land, to avoid blood shed, but still many others fight, and many other raiding parties do not offer the tribute. The Islandmen have only twice gone to full blown war with the West, both were a defeat for the Island Nation, but both times, the Western Kingdom was unable to follow through and attack White Hall’s shores. The first war was between White Hall and Marinor, and the second was against Galenthia nearly two hundred years ago.

With the constant fighting one would think that White Hall would simply war itself out of existence. The truth is, the Raids are much smaller than stories make them out to be. Rarely do full Raiding Parties, (ten Longships each with 150 Raiders) make landfall and invade a territory or try to sack a major city or keep, and surprisingly the blood shed on the Isle is little, as most duels (save those for Title) are fought to first blood, or until the opponent yields. Typical raids are two to three Longships, with only one Longship full of Raiders making landfall. The other ships are simply to haul stolen cargo, but the ferocity of the Raiders, particularly of the famed Berserkers, is enough that the stories spread are exaggerated.

There is an unspoken declaration of war between the Privateer Fleets of Kentaire and Four Corners and the Longships of White Hall. Privateers will attack Longships and vise versa at the first sighting of sails. This has had two effects on the Raiding of the West. The first is that White Hall has established colonies in the Northern Wastes to get both more food that does not require raiding, and as a resupply or repair station for the Longship Raider fleets. The second is that with these colonies, White Hall has increased the amount of raiding done per year, but roughly a quarter to a half are turned back or sunk by the Privateer Fleets.

White Hall Nobility

Ruler: High Queen Romily S’vardsen
Ruling Clan: S’vardsen
Major Clans: Fjartel, Nvettis, C’veyt, Bjorn
Minor Clans: F’jet, Kren, Aensver, S’det, Mikon, Ta’gen, Raskbrook


White Hall’s military is comprised of several clans banded together to accomplish a common goal. While some clans may be a disorganized mob of armed and armored men, others will be formed up into neat and orderly ranks of disciplined men and women. The current High Queen is an infamous Raider, a legendary Swordswoman, and a brilliant strategist. She insists that her men are armored and in rank. Being that White Hall is primarily raiders, they tend to favor light armor (easier to discard if you fall in the water!) and do not usually transport horses for Cavalry. However a favorite tactic for a long term siege is to send men ashore, steal horses from surrounding regions, and create an impromptu cavalry regiment. They also have the Berserkers. Men and women touched by the gods to unbelievable strength and fury. A berserker is normally more than a match for the staunchest Knight, and certainly fully capable of taking on ten times his number.

The Society of the Njorvolk

They do not have Lordships; they have what the West calls Clans, and the leaders of those clans they call JARLS. They have a monarch (king/queen) that is elected by the people, or who takes the throne by force of arms and strength!

They also do not call themselves White Hall. That's just the name of their cold island continent (think Iceland). They call themselves the 'NJORVOLK', and split their society into a series of castes:

The Vigamandr: are the most commonly seen caste in the West. This is what makes up their infamous Raiders! The Jarls themselves are taken form this highest caste. Essentially, the Vigamandr are the warriors of White Hall, tasked with protecting the lands and interests of Njorvolk as a whole.

The Farmadr: caste are peasants; farmers, servants, and so on, and are often the descendants of slaves. Farmadr can be (and often are) Land Holders. They can move up to Vigamandr status (even temporarily) for a Raid by signing on with a Longship, and this is considered a very attractive way of moving up the social ladder.

The Kaupmadr: are the Merchants, who when dealing with the Civilized West do their trade in Four Corners. Most have been mistaken for Slave Traders at one point or another, though there are every manner of skilled craftsman among the Njorvolk. This is because the Njorvolk have and keep slaves and make no bones about it, unlike their civilized neighbors. It is important to note that slaves are treated as people in White Hall, have legal rights, and can become full members of the Njorvolk. That is in part the source of their strength as a people, as they are known to take the strongest of their captives and the most skilled or in some way attractive (whether by observed prowess, beauty, or skill), and integrate them into their various social structures (which, obviously, may not always be the wish of the captured westerners).

The Thengill: All of these castes are ruled by the Thengill, who is the ultimate monarch of White Hall and can be of either gender. All Jarls answer to the Thengill, regardless of their wars with each other, and many aspire to that extraordinarily risky seat. Riches abound in the East after all, and the one to whom all others bow has their choice of the spoils.

Berserkers: to Berserk is a gift from the Gods themselves. However, it comes at a very high price. Your life. It should be noted that no matter who you are, or what your stats are, there is no method of surviving going Berserk. It is Divine in power and it only has one fuel source: Your Soul. This isn't to say that you poof out of existence and do not go to your prescribed afterlife in the Great Hall, as a matter of fact, it is likely ensured, but you leave this plain and your body dies. Even if your foes do not kill you, you will simply fall over dead. Your body drained of anything that could sustain life.
PLEASE NOTE A player may NEVER under any circumstances have the Berserker trait. To do so means you die the first time you are in combat. You will likely win that combat, but you will die. There is no escaping, whatsoever, the effects of Divine Intervention. Which is always, always, always death. The best a player can hope for is to have a trait that makes them mindless in battle, but absolutely zero supernatural abilities.

White Hall is ruled by a series of Clans that live in Jarldoms, while there are Great Clans, they are only Great because they are rumored to have existed since the Njorvolk founded the Island Continent Nation of White Hall. The Minor Clans, consist of everybody else. There are literally hundreds of clans that dot the nation, some no larger than family, but recognized by the Thangil, and thus a Jarldom, while others have great cities that would be a match for many in the West in terms of Population and trade. Much of the land, despite its cold environment is farmland, and the Njorvolk grow food that matches their land. Potatoes, Ice Peppers, cabbage, and these crops are supplemented by great herds of the Shaggy Cows and goats.

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