Weapons Of The West

There have been some questions in regards to what certain Weapons are, and how they are used in the West. That being said, here are the weapons, what they are used for, and short descriptions.

Weapon Types

There are a few weapon types, we'll break them down by Action Skill.

Name Description
Archery This is the skill of firing arrows or bolts from some form of bow. These are your Longbows (Typically used by professional soldiers), Hunting Bows (The only Bow allowed from Horseback, and the typical weapon of Levy/Militia Archers), and the Crossbow, another weapon used by professional soldiers. These also include slings, a crude peasant weapon most commonly used by children, and ranchers.
Artillery The big stuff. This is everything form the anti-person Scorpian, to the massive castle breaking Trebuchet. To use these weapons one must have the artillery skill.
Blades One of the more common type in the west. Blades encompass everything from a Kitchen knife to a massive Greatsword. They are cutting, thrusting, slashing weapons, usually used by the nobility. Being made completely of steel, they are expensive, so it is odd to see a commoner toting around a blade.
Blunt Blunt weapons are a mixed bag of chopping and smashing weaponry. These include everything from the smallest axe to the deadly Maul. They are axes, flails, maces, and quarter staffs, and are the typical weapons of the commoner. (Though quite a few Nobles run around with Axes etc)
Hand Cannon A relatively new type of weapon, the skill of Hand Cannon encompasses both the smaller "Hand Cannon" and the longer range "Long Cannon". These weapons are slow to fire, but for the most part ignore armor, so when used in mass ranks are terrible to enemy formations.
Polearms Polearms are weapons attached to a shaft that are roughly 3ft or longer in length. These inlcude everything from a Poleaxe or spear, to a Lance or Halberd. Spears are cheap, and are a typical weapon of the West's Basic Infantry, as a Shield wall equipped with Spears is frightening to behold, and terrible to face.
Throwing These are everything from javelins, to throwing axes. If you toss it, instead of firing it, it fits this catagory.

A Note on Siege Weapons

There are three different Categories of Siege weapons, which are as follows: Light, Basic and Heavy. Each has a different role on the battlefield (And in combat scenes, both mass and skirmish types!) Which are described below.

Type Description
Light Only barely categorized as a Siege weapon, the only Light Siege piece is the Scorpian, which fires rapidly, large bolts into enemy formations. Used to sweep the battlefield and attempt to slow charging formations, or suppress an enemy caught in the open. This category is incapable of breaking a defensive structure.
Basic This is the first REAL Artillery of the West. This category includes the Carrobalista (Which fires ACTUAL explosive spear sized bolts, a favorite for naval vessels), Ballista (Which just fires seriously huge bolts, some as large as trees!), Catapults (Lobbing Rocks, explosive barrels, corpses, and insane heroes), and finally Cannons (Which fire everything form stone or led balls, to tiny objects called grape shot). Each of these has a function on the battlefield. First, as an artillery piece they can be used to "Soften or shell an enemy," which is to say fire their ordinance from a really large distance and disrupt or break enemy formations. Secondly they are used as a means to support a siege. Either from the battlements firing on an advancing army, or from the advancing army, firing on the walls in an attempt to create a breech.
Heavy This is the monster. The Trebuchet hurls MASSIVE stones, or clumps of explosive barrels, or masses of corpses over enemy walls, into enemy walls, or into enemy positions. They are the ones that castles fear the most, and they are fully capable of smashing even the toughest walls, given time.
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