Baron Sir Vladimar Willough
Richard Armitage (tentative)
Richard Armitage (tentative) as Vladimar Willough
Full Name: Vladimar Willough
Byname: {$byname}
Age: 42
Kingdom: Galenthia
House: Willough (Head of House)
Title/Profession: Baron
Position: Battleborn Knight
Place of Birth: Blackwood
Sheet Information: Vladimar-Sheet
Father: Lord Markos Reine (of House Reine, vassal to House Tarris) - deceased
Mother: Baroness Valencia Willough (former Head of House)
Siblings: Marcret (deceased elder sister) and Valray (deceased younger sister)
Spouse: Married twice, both deceased (widowed)
Children: None survived


Vladimar Willough is the only surviving child of the Baroness Valencia Willough and her husband Lord Markos Reine formerly of House Reine (Tarris Vassal). Born in Blackwood, Vlad was originally the second child of three and the only male, thus ill favored for heir with two sisters more likely to inherit. His eldest sister and the original heir was Marcret who died tragically when she fell from a spooked horse. Willoughs do not often ride but Marcret insisted on her love of fine hot blooded horses despite the thick woods and rocky or boggy terrain of their home. About two years later Vlad's younger sister Valrey was reputed to have been bitten by a poisonous snake - in the throat.

There were whispers among the locals at the time that Vladimar didn't much care for his sisters and /might/ have seen to their demise. Local rumor also had it that Valencia had murdered his father, Markos Reine, so there may possibly have been some bad blood there in the family serpent tree. Valencia herself is still alive but fell sickly not long after her youngest daughter's death. She eventually was forced to abdicate the Baronial title as Head of House against her stubborn will. Vlad was 37 by that time.

Vladimar was originally trained as a scout for the Kaedon Shadow Snakes. During his service, events lead to Vlad leading his unit to track down and single handedly deal with a significant incursion upon Kaedon lands about 20 years ago. This resulted in his becoming a knighted scout with the Kaedon Shadow Snakes. Much later in 1868 he was among those who came forward to join the Order of the Battleborn under Lady Sir Helena. He left the Shadow Snakes and took over command of the Order's Peltasts (heavy skirmishers) who also act as scouts. In more recent years Vladimar gave up his scouting and Battleborn command to take over the Barony. Still a knight in the Battleborn Order, Vladimar acts an advisor, keeping his hand by staying familiar with the members and making recommendations for command positions, as well as making monetary contributions. In recent years now that he's taken over the Barony, Vlad has worked to improve House Willough's military and elite scouting units, the latter calling themselves Willough's Night Spiders. These days as Baron, Vladimar's focus has had to shift from being a man in the field leading scouts and knights to managing his lands, people, and economics. That now takes up much of his time.

Vladimar is a follower of the Many and he is rumored to have had close and very private dealings with House Kaedon that may have aided his ascension to power. It is well known that the Baroness Valencia and Viscountess Lianna Kaedon have long been on very poor terms. Since Vlad's ascent to take over the Barony, the tension between the two houses has eased considerably. If there was any ill doing as concerns his sisters or mother, no one has ever come up with any proof against either himself, nor against House Kaedon.

Vlad's weapon of choice is a blade. He's used any number of sword types over the years but settled on a hand and a half bastard sword he can use with either one hand or two.

Baron Sir Vladimar Willough is a widower. He has twice taken young noble women to wife. Each of them perished in pregnancy and taken his unborn children with them into the grave. Some whisper that his line has become cursed, retribution perhaps if he did ill against his own sisters and mother. The Baron keeps an eye out for a suitable match to improve the prospects of his House and to give him a much needed heir.

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