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Vengeance or Bitralund Plotline

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Reist Ragnessen, driven by a grudge, has roused a great force of White Haller adventurers and invaded the western coast of Aequor. In a single overwhelming strike they storm the coasts, sweeping aside Aequor's naval power, and manage to take much of the al'Morena duchy before they finally run out of impetus to travel further. Choosing to settle on this land the White Hallers rename it Bitralund and set up a new capital in the city of Ragnessan. With the majority of the al'Morena line lost in the attack the King of Aequor grants the title of duke al'Morena to Jordan d'Acuto. All he has to do is retake his family's lands.

There are played characters involved on both sides of this conflict. Whilst Jordan is player run the Bitralund faction leaders are all staff run NPCs.

This conflict is expected to continue for a long time.

UPDATE: As of 2019-08-30, peace has been declared between Aequor and Bitruland. The peace was brokered by Duke Jordan al'Morena of Aequor and King Reist Ragnessen of Bitruland. Hostilities have ceased between the two kingdoms. For now.


Legend: Triangles represent d'Juliano earthwork and wood defenses. Circles represent villages. Squares represent the battle zones listed below.


  • First Memoir
  • 1874-07: Reist Ragnessen invades the west coast of Aequor. 1874-07-11:they-came-on-the-waves
  • The al'Morena family is put to the sword and the head sent to the Royal family.
  • Princess Atreis heads up a war council.
  • The invasion seems to lose impetuous and borders begin to be drawn.
  • The invasion area is renamed Bitralund.
  • Jordan d'Acuto is named the new Duke al'Morena.
  • Jordan commands a force to engage the White Hallers of Bitruland in a battle which will come to be known as the Battle of d'Picot Valley. During the battle Reist loses an eye to one of Jordan's arrows.
  • In the aftermath of the battle, Valeria of Oxbridge, squire to the late hedge knight Alain of Merrowgate is knighted on the field for her valour in combat by Duke al'Morena.
  • Astrid takes over as the Bitralund field commander.
  • 1875-07: The Aequorians take the settlement of Water Steep
  • 1875-07: Jordan recaptures Alasce (Hjalmar's Gate on the map).
  • 1875-08-30: Duke Jordan al'Morena forges a treaty with King Reist Ragnessen of Bitruland, bringing the war between Aequor and White Hall to an end.


The following Characters are involved in this plotline:


  • Elian moved to Eosphora front (10-2019) with 6th and 9th argent cohorts.

Invested Resources

The following military or economic resources are currently invested here:

Overall Commanders:
Aequor : Jordan
Bitralund: Reist & Astrid - The current friendly numbers tracked by al'Morena. (see individual sheets for force arrays)

Northern Front

  • Overall Region Command: Mercy
  • Troop Details
  • Earth and wood fortifications all along the border

Stonewall Front

  • Overall Region Command: Jordan
  • Troop Details
  • if there are significant things of relevance like maps or whatever add them here.

Water Steep Front

  • Overall Region Command: Jordan
  • Troop Details: 200 - Militia Spear, 200 - Militia Archer, 100 - Heavy Cavalry
  • The village of Riverton has been fortified. The lord of d'Lecroix recently died. Water Steep is occupied by Aequor.

Naval Front

  • Overall Region Command: Mercy
  • Troop Details

Other Areas

Ongoing Projects

The following projects are being pursued at present:
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