Captain Vemmorn Bordeaux
Hale Appleman
Hale Appleman as Captain Vemmorn Bordeaux.
Full Name: Captain Vemmorn Bordeaux.
Byname: None
Age: 24 (b.12th Nov 1849)
Kingdom: Rikton
House: Bordeaux
Title/Profession: Captain, Lord
Position: Captain
Place of Birth: Oullins
Sheet Information: Vemmorn-Sheet.
Father: Kellan Bordeaux
Mother: Camille Bordeaux
Siblings: Only Child
Spouse: No
Children: Elara Bordeaux (b.1869) Recognised Bastard.


Vemmorn was born on a winters night in 1849. A baby with a healthy set of lungs he soon had the entire household running about him. As the years passed and it became more and more obvious that he would be an only child the household's doting only increased.

Perhaps this is why Vemmorn never learned how to stay still. He was always running around, asking questions, and getting into places where he shouldn't. Even when he was sent to page in Castle Bordeaux he didn't calm down. Although the physical nature of the training and other tasks did take off some of the edge. He was often in trouble and it was soon obvious that he would never suit the discipline required of a knight - holy or not.

It was during these inbetween years, where his father and uncle were still trying to work out how exactly to best make use of the still-undersized bundle of energy that the event happened which would see his life change.

Vemmorn and Lillian went on one of their many adventures, encouraged of course by Vemmorn, and were finally caught in the catacombs under the crypts. The priest was furious and demanded that something be done about Vemmorn's antics and the family was horrified that Lillian had been dragged into something so embarrassing. The very next day Vemmorn was put aboard one of the river ships that serviced the house to serve as a cabin boy. Perhaps, restricted to the microcosm that is a naval vessel, he would finally stay out of trouble.

The effort had some success. Vemmorn proved to be something of a natural sailor and the limitations of those wooden walls did indeed keep him out of the majority of trouble.

Although there is one notable incident, which demonstrates his behaviour over the years, where he happened to get caught in the act of climbing into a merchants garden. Vemmorn tried to explain that he had heard about this rare, and beautiful, plant and just wanted to see but the merchant would not listen - Who would break into his garden just because he had heard they had a rare and beautiful plant growing? - And besides the merchants daughter was with child and here was a man climbing the balconies - how could those incidents not be connected? And so, after a number of angry letters between the merchant and his uncle, with neither listening to Vemmorn's attempts to deny it, Vemmorn ended up recognising a beautiful bastard daughter. To this day, despite the fact that the child looks nothing like him, nobody will believe him if he says he isn't the father. As for the merchants daughter - lets just say that she recognised a good thing when she saw it. There was no help there.

During the west war he sailed as the captain of the sloop "hymn of faith" but lost this vessel during the ill fated battle of the red waves. He took up service on the Saint Tiadora after that day, serving under Captain Harrick, and has recently inherited command of the vessel, and its attachment of sloops, following Captain Harrick's retirement.

He didn't keep the Saint Tiadora for very long, finding the illusion of freedom as a naval captain too much to bear after the war ended. Luckily Signora Lillian was willing to assist and they came up with a plan to put him in charge of a caravel owned by House Bordeaux (The Ruddy Bear?). The first thing he managed to achieve, with the new trade ship and near total freedom, was to get stranded inside the walls of Fort Duval during the Partharian assault. Some things never change.

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Lillian Signora Lillian Bordeaux : Lillian has gotten Vemmorn out of more pickles than anyone should ever get into in the first place.
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