Sheet Information

Name: Thomas Chandus Kingdom: Galenthia
Title: Viscount, Brigadier Byname: Firebrand
Physical Stress: 4 Mental Stress: 5
Experience Points: 4.5 Fate Points: 4
Armor: Full Plate (8), Heavy Lorrica or Brigandine Suit (7)

Brawn: 2 Brilliance: 3
Grace: 2 Alacrity: 2

Stunt Description
The Brigadier (Warlord) Thomas Chandus is one of the greatest generals in the West and a renowned commander. ( +2 to a command roll)
Expert Infantryman Thomas fights almost exclusively on foot, believing that the battle is won or lost with the infantry. (+2 to a skill relevant to leading or fighting as infantry)
Devout There are few stronger followers of the One Church. (+2 when acting for the good of the Faith)
Disciplined Firm the line! Years of battle experience going both well and poorly has given Thomas a knack for pushing the troops to the edge of their training, helping them hold the line, stem a rout or push further than they might under other commanders.

Academia:1 Athletics: 2 Archery: 2
Artillery: 2 Blades: 3 Command: 5 **
Hands: 2 Healer: 1 Hunting: 1
Investigation: 2 Lore (Galenthia): 2 Perception: 3
Performance: 1 Polearms: 2 Politics: 3
Religion (One): 2 Riding: 2 Stewardship: 4
Survival: 2 Throwing: 1
Language: Common Language: Imperial Language: Old Tongue


Command: Strategy

Trait Description Pro Con
Pragmatic Thomas does what needs to be done in order to obtain results. He is an effective actor at accomplishing objectives for his house, Duchy and Kingdom He may circumvent traditional processes and generate jealousy or resentment in those who do not share his aims or agree with his methods.
Loyal Thomas prizes loyalty both to his superiors and vassals above nearly all else. Those who he serves or who serve him tend to be in turn devoted to him. Those who are on the other side of him probably highly dislike him and might seek him out for attack or humiliation.
Chivalrous Thomas prizes a pragmatic form of chivalry where enemies who also abide are treated with respect and courtesy. Enemies may reciprocate, knowing that he is honourable, and it has benefited his reputation. He may eschew unchivalrous behaviour both on and off the field of battle, and is outraged when those who have professed their allegiance to this principle betray it.
Veteran Veteran - Thomas has been at war nearly his whole life, and excels at it in all aspects. He has participated in many pitched battles as well as a vast amout of skirmishes, as a soldier, line officer, adjutant and general, winning the vast majority of them. He is trusted by his superiors and soldiers to get the job done. This reliability is excellent for the morale of his side. The enemy is seldom a fool, and if possible is very likely to send one of their own best commanders against him, or otherwise refuse battle while striking elsewhere.

Temporary Physical Traits

Temporary Mental Traits
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