Viscount Thomas Chandus
Ben Lamb
Ben Lamb as Thomas Chandus
Full Name: Thomas Chandus
Byname: Firebrand
Age: 31
Kingdom: Kingdom of Galenthia
House: Chandus
Title/Profession: Viscount of Repton March
Position: Viscount, Brigadier of the Galenthian Army and Royal Order of the Griffon, Tribune of Viscount Chandus's Repton Regiment
Place of Birth: Valley of Scales, Kingdom of Galenthia
Sheet Information:
Father: Lord Edward Chandus (d.)
Mother: Lady Victoria (Langer) Chandus
Siblings: Lord John Chandus (d.), Lady Elizabeth Chandus (d.), Sir William Chandus (d.), Templar Sir Charles Chandus, Sir Henry Chandus, Lady Isabelle Chandus
Spouse: Princess Livia Aerelious
Children: Edward Chandus (heir to County Repton March, b. 1864), Alexandra Chandus (b. 1866), Lucius Aerelious (second in line to Navali, b. 1870), Carina Aerelious (b. 1871)


Thomas Chandus is the Viscount of House Chandus. He was born the fifth child in the prosperous, extremely martial Valley of Scales in the Eastern Marches of Galenthia and was never expected to inherit any titles. With the death of his father at the end of the Thirty Year War and his brother in the First Succession War, he was raised to the Lordship of House Chandus at the age of 17.

The 1866 defeat of the Thorns in the Second Succession War gave his house rights via letter patent from the Queen of Galenthia to the lands of House Malkess, making Thomas a Baron. Several years later during the War of the West, he would marry the Livia, Princess of Navali and shortly thereafter absorb his neighbouring Barony of Sedar, creating the County of Repton March, a border region comprising the original Chandus possession of the Valley of Scales, the former Malkess holding of Aspendon (held by House de Ufford) and the former Sedar Barony.

Thomas is an incredibly skilled commander, an able swordsman and known to be shrewd in matters related both to stewardship and diplomacy. He has attempted to enact significant reforms within Galenthia, some of them successful but many encountering stiff resistance from various quarters. While his dispassionate, pragmatic take on such affairs has been very useful in the past, its seemingly callous and aloof nature has sometimes rubbed people in the wrong way. His skill in command earned him the byname, "Firebrand", bestowed on him by the Kentairish Praetor Marcus Surelius after an allied victory in the early stages of the War of the West.

In peace time, besides running his own fief, the Viscount assists his Duke Gauvain Tarris with management of the Duchy, the disposition of its soldiery and acts as a representative of the Eastern Province both within and outside of Galenthia. During these present times of war, however, Thomas has been allocated with mainly military tasks, both leading and organising Galenthian troops on campaign.

Thomas has four children. From his late first wife, Alexandra (Daltre) Chandus he sired Edward (sometimes called Ned, currently a page with Duke Gauvain Tarris) and Alexandra. From his current wife, Princess Livia of Navali have come Lucius and Carina Aerelious, taking their mother's name and consequently being of higher status than their father. Edward is the heir to County Repton March, while Lucius will eventually inherit the Kingdom of Navali following the Princess Livia.

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The Unyielding Sun

Spirit Day Prophecy
"Duty. Courage. Honour. You cling to these, these mould you, make you. You march in step, left and right, but you never search at home for what your TRUE duty should be. Forget these wars, forget these battles. Find the war of family. For though your love is true, it is war, and one day you must say no, and simply stay home."


Melisande Queen Melisande Romante of Galenthia : Our Queen and sovereign, God save her. She has reigned well, though her erstwhile peace has broken though little fault of her own. That we started in the First Succession War against her matters little now; we ended it on her side, and now have shown our loyalty through force of arms and honourable service over years. There is only the future, now. I hope to be able to serve her and our Kingdom, then, making it stronger for the next foe to test us. We will not fail.
Letholdus Duke Letholdus Romante : His Grace is a savvy warrior and a true gentleman, noble in both conduct and spirit. Although he can occasionally be perhaps somewhat inflexible, we are a fortunate nation indeed to have him in a pivotal role. I relish serving alongside him.
Claire Duchess Claire Romante : A serene, august woman. She is the picture of a true Tarris born noblewoman, I think, and has done exceedingly well by the side of her husband, the Duke Letholdus. I was privileged to share the table with her on many occasions in Four Corners during the tourney and subsequent plague there. As the situation deteriorated and new information came to light, I decided it prudent to escort her back to Alicante. Her, I and Lady Shirlyn shared a delightful boat journey down the coast with her. Thank the One we are able to defend her during the Sealing of Rikton. I pray that she is safe in these days and times.
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