The Reliant

The Order of the Reliant


Formed in the Chaos created when the Empire retreated over the Eastern Mountains, the Order Reliant is an Order founded on aiding and defense of the weak. While a military order that follows strict military guidelines, unlike the Templars the Order Reliant is founded on aid, not direct confrontation. Though the order can and has flexed their arms in a military fashion, its focus remains on aiding the sick, and providing defense for those in need. Since the formation of the Order, knight’s Reliant have been the subject of stories, as Paladins ride to the defense of towns beset by Barbarians while offering succor and medical aid to the wounded and sick of the besieged town.
The Reliant are men and women who simply wish to put the resources of God, IE the Church, to better use by helping those in need. Nobles who join have their tithes cut in half, half going to the Church while the other half find their ways to helping the needy and downtrodden. Most places of worship have a Knight of the Order Reliant, called a Paladin who helps with the sick and assists the Templars in guarding the places of worship.

Since early 1867, the Order of the Reliant has mostly broken off from the One Faith and become the core of the schismatic New Faith based out of Four Corners. This is explained further in depth in the Variants section of the One Faith page.

The Grand Master of the Order Reliant resides in Rikton and oversees the running of the Order Reliant. The position is chosen for life, and while a Grand Master CAN step down into retirement, this has only ever happened once.

The current Grand Master is Alyse Rialto, who is also the High Priestess of the schismatic New Faith.


Those who wish to join the Order Reliant need to first be a knight. Hedge or Noble, and then arrive at a place of Worship and express an interest. Once that has been done, the Paladin there will assess the Knight’s qualifications, usually the Knight’s abilities at healing and strength of arms. Then they will swear an Oath to the Order, and the Church, then have their name and coat of arms transcribed into the Book of the Reliant. Once that is done a general period of training commences, where the applicant learns their place in the order as a member of another Order Reliant’s Retinue. This can be either a Paladin or a simple Reliant depending on the assessing Paladin’s desires. This typically takes the time of one full year. Upon completion they will undergo another test, and if they pass, are admitted to the Order.


The typical mission of the Order Reliant is the aiding of the Sick and injured. In times of peace, many Reliant will spent a portion of the year traveling their lands, or kingdom and doing what they can to help the sick and injured of the various villages and cities of the Civilized West. In times of war, the Order mobilizes as a Cavalry regiment. Some of the Elite Paladins have been known to wade into enemy forces and pull out fallen allies from swarming enemies. Once even a King of Aequor during the Last Crusade against the Northern Wastes. When officially on church business, members of the Reliant often wear a red surcoat with a white cross maltese such as the shield shown above.

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