The One Faith

The One Faith (or alternately the Faith of the One) is presently the largest and most-adhered-to religion in the lands of the known world, and is the official state religion of the Kingdoms of Aequor, Galenthia, Ironhold and Rikton as well as the Principalities of Kentaire and Alezzo. Most people in Four Corners follow the religion, though the state has not declared it as official.



The sole deity of the Church of the One. The One is known to have been a male god, and is most often depicted as a fully-armored knight in an impossibly elaborate suit of plate mail (an anachronism, as plate mail had not yet been developed in the time the One walked Creation). Notably, his face is never shown in any artistic depictions of him. Despite being depicted as a warrior, he is not usually thought of as an aggressive "warrior god" but rather a steadfast defender of humanity and a bringer of enlightenment and wisdom. He is merciful to his followers and vicious only against his enemies.

Ranks of the Clergy


Cardinals marching to a conference within the Great Temple of Rikton. A Priest accompanies them on their way.

Tenets and Practices


An early priest of the One Faith delivers a sermon to a flock of believers, circa 125 IE

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