The Kingdom Of The Dead

This is where the fallen have moved on to once perishing in the Eternal Crusade.

Those who believe in the One Faith move to either the Kingdom of the Sun, or if their souls were full of sin, they go to the pits. A realm of darkness, flame and pain.

For the followers of the Many, they go to the Summer Lands, or if they had failed the Many a land of eternal cold.

Finally, for the Tuskenold, they move on to the Great Halls. If one died in battle serving the Njorvolk then they travel to THE Great Hall and toast with the gods. If they died a normal death, they move to the Hall. Finally, if one was evil and cruel, and shunned the Gods of their people, they fell to the Cold Hall. A dark place none wish ever to go.

Please note. These are THE actual lands of the dead. Should a character or NPC die, Staff will decide where they go for their afterlives.

The Lands of the One Faith

The Kingdom of the Sun

Character Name Actor ByName
Aidric Charing Harry Lloyd
Anca Arkanin Lana Parrilla
Arturo Romante Michael Fassbender The Rose
Catrina al'Morena Keira Knightley
Clara d'Myrin (Romante) Molly Quinn
Emilia Cassomir Summer Glau
Jacke Hawkness Calle Strand The Bloody Ram
Jaelynn Arkanin Ashley Greene
Jaren Cassomir Christian Bale The Queen's Champion
Nathaniel Tomas Al'Sylenthar James Purefoy The Reaper
Jean-Paul al'Ramar Tom Hiddlesworth The Black Prince
Raelyn Cassomir Natalie Portman
Raymund Langer Donald Sutherland Old Sir Ray
Symon Arkanin Gaspard Ulliel
Thaddeus Sokar Karl Urban The Bold Dragon
Vargas d'Arran Vladimir Kulich
Wulfred de'Ufford Roger Allam The Old Wolf


Character Name Actor ByName
Isabel Sokar Helen Mirrin Dragon Lady
Nadine d'Cadri Snowshield

The Pits

Character Name Actor ByName
Alina al'Sylenthar Viva Bianca
Anton Romante (Deceased) Jason Isaacs The Thorn
Alphard Tarris Michael Ironside The Butcher
Frederick Tyres David Suchet
James al'Morena Mark Strong The Hawk (of Alasce)
Marcus al'Morena Jonas Armstrong
Raevyn Reeve Carney Little Bird

The Lands of the Tuskenuld

The Great Hall

Character Name Actor ByName
Aethelwulf Raskbrook Travis Fimmel Iron Wolf of the Rivers

The Hall

Character Name Actor ByName
Name Actor Byname

The Cold Hall

Character Name Actor ByName
Name Actor Byname

The Lands of the Many

The Summer Lands

Character Name Actor ByName
Name Actor Byname

The Lands of Eternal Cold

Character Name Actor ByName
Name Actor Byname
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