House Tarris
Honor and Glory
House Overview
Head of House: Duke Gauvain Tarris
Spouse: None
Vassals: Reine, Hytal, Solizar, Chandus, Ulsen, Daltre
Heir: Bethany Ashedown
Liege: Romante
Succession: First born child, If child is Bastard, then they are Heir unless a natural born child is born.
Military Strength: Strong. (Commands the military and militia of the Galenthian Eastern Province. This includes the Tarris House Cavalry which is famed in the West.)
Goods: Farming, Horses, Iron, and Wood
Wealth: Each family member is well off instead of wealthy as the majority of the wealth goes into the military.
Motto: Honor and Glory


Griffon Point


House Tarris makes its seat at Griffon Point, and is the Duchy responsible for Galenthia's Eastern Province. They are a proud people whose history spans back to the Kingdom's foundation. Originally of the semi-nomadic Plains Garaili people, the Tarris settled in the lands which make up Galenthia's East in the last century of the Vir Sidus Empire's western province. As Imperial control crumbled under the weight of repeated civil war and mismanagement, the Plains Garaili migrated in to fill the gap, unseating House Tenebrae as the paramount nobility of the province's east. Though the Tarris supplanted the Tenebrae, they married several of their own to the Imperial brides, maintaining a blood line continuity. House Tenebrae subsequently went extinct and the Tarris took over a massive tract of land comprising of the Tarris Plains, the coast and the Eastern Marches.

Their military reputation was cultivated for hundreds of years within Galenthia, especially during the Thirty Years War, when they were responsible for many of the Southern Kingdom's greatest successes. Due to their fighting on the side of the Thorn in the Succession War and subsequent betrayal of their former allies to join with the current Queen, however, many believe that the Tarris as people cannot be trusted. Their military might is still one of the strongest in the West, however. They are incredibly well known for their fine horses who are considered to be the finest cavalry animals in the Kingdom. Despite their earlier reputation, the Duchy stood with few exceptions (Houses Fitzroy and Malkess being among these) on the side of Galenthia's Queen in the Second Succession War, suffered dreadfully for it as the Duchy lands proper, those of House Reine and House Chandus were invaded by vast numbers of enemy forces, though the loyalists eventually proved victorious. They are currently in the process of rebuilding their lands from the devastation wrought by the most recent enemies of the Rose Queen.



A knight of the Tarris Honour Guard and infantry of the Tarris Battle Line

House Relations

reine Baron Varian Reine : House Reine has been a loyal Banner to House Tarris for Centuries. Even before Tarris was a Duchy they were our allies. This loyalty was put to the test during the Succession War, a test they proved most capable of accomplishing. Varian is trustworthy, but he is also a murdering psychopath. While he hasn't killed anybody out of cold blood … That we know of … His lust for murder is evident on the battlefield. He is a rabid dog that must be held on a tight leash, but should enemies threaten the household or the kingdom that leash will be dropped, and the rabid dog will be loosed upon them.


arkanin Archduchess Anca Arkanin : We neither like nor dislike House Arkanin. Out of the Galenthian houses, they are one of the few that we can say this about. It may be well served to try to better our standing among those we have not angered. Despite this, it must be said that recent actions, especially around the Haron have made many in the house distrust House Arkanin. We were sent to help, and all the Duke of Arkanin did was watch, and take notes of our strengths and weaknesses. This does not speak of an ally. but of somebody waiting to plunge a dagger in our backs.


alramar King maris al'Ramar : The Duke of Tarris may have faced him once in battle during the 30 Year War. However other than that, we have no real relationship with this house.
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