Countess Talia d'Geroux
Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie as Talia d'Geroux
Full Name: Talia d'Geroux
Byname: None
Age: 38 (d.)
Kingdom: Aequor
House: d'Geroux
Title/Profession: Countess
Position: Head of House
Place of Birth: Alasce
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Father: Viscount Andre d'Geroux deceased
Mother: Countess Sonja d'Geroux deceased
Siblings: Brother (TBD By Apper), Sister (TBD By Apper)
Spouse: None
Children: None


Talia Geroux was the head of the d'Geroux County, a family with strong ties to the al'Morena House, and vassal to that house. She was killed during the invasion of her fief by the forces of Bitralund loyal to King Reist.

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Eisen Lord Eisen d'Geroux : Always so serious, and so grave is my cousin. He is, like I, made from a different mold than most. Yet, fiercely loyal and obedient if not sometimes a bit - overeager to utilize his talents. A nearly perfect enforcer, and clever. I may need to keep an occasional eye on him so he does not get out of hand, but my Uncle raised him well. He's entrusted with much in regards to the family, with good reason.
Tristan Lord Tristan Romante : While I've had little discourse with the Romante Lord, I'm well aware of his desire for the Lady Alina (and the fact it's reciprocated). I trust him little enough, but it is likely there is some greater game, knowing Alina and her father as I do. I will keep my eye on him, as often as time and chance allow. Just in case.
Oberyn Sir Oberyn Crane : An … interesting Knight. One of the Romante's Lancer's. The man has talent, as such. And a determined spirit; that much was proven in the fight we engaged against that horror together. Interestingly shy, the man clearly was struck by my beauty. I cannot blame him. Still, he showed me courtesy, and I'm thankful for that. I would not be opposed in the least to meeting the man again.
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