Sylas Therin
Matthew Mercer
Matthew Mercer as Sylas Therin
Full Name: Sylas Therin
Byname: Callsign: Dagger
Age: 25
Kingdom: Vir Sidus Empire
House: Gens Therin
Title/Profession: N/A
Position: Scout, 13th Legion
Place of Birth: Therin
Sheet Information: Sylas' +Sheet
Father: Gen Thelius Therin
Mother: Agatha Therin (aka Mother of Assassins)
Siblings: Salys Therin
Spouse: N/A
Children: N/A


Born in the Vir Sidus Empire, Sylas, didn’t come into this world alone. In fact, he came in screaming whilst holding the hand of his sister, Salys. He goes nowhere without her, his purpose seems as intertwined with Salys, as Salys' purpose is as tangled with his. Together they are both sides of a single coin, and together they are truly the most glorious snobs. It might well seem troublesome to some, but to them, their good fortune at not having been born in the West is a blessing attributed to such good fortune and good faith. And though his sister may well pocket the occasional item, and though he may well seek to prevent such minor transgressions, he himself can't help but prove somewhat troublesome himself. Though to Sylas' mind, he is nothing if not the height of Vir Sidus perfection, truly, so is his sister and family. It is the Gens Therin who shall see the misfortunes of the Empire routed and ended. And it is the future of that house that shall truly accomplish it, for that is perhaps their given purpose.

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What say you, sister?



Family is everything.

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