Sheet Information

Character Name
Name: Susanna Kingdom: Galenthia
Title: - Byname: -
Physical Stress: 4 Mental Stress: 5
Experience Points: 4 Fate Points: 4
Armor: -

Brawn: 3 Brilliance: 2
Grace: 1 Alacrity: 3

Bookworm (Gain a relevant piece of knowledge you could have encountered whilst reading OR a +2 to Lore/Academics where the storyteller feels that being well read is an advantage.) Protector (+2 to Combat rolls when protecting something.)
Skilled Manipulation (+2 to Manipulation) Skilled Performer (+2 to Performance)

Animal husbandry: 1 Galenthian lore: 2 Hands: 1
Manipulation: 2 Performance: 3 Polearms: 2
Survival: 1 Games: 1 Blades: 1
Intrigue: 1 - Language: Common

Good with kids: Susanna has a soft spot for children. She's good at understanding them and spends much of her time with them. Pro: Can be seen as a motherly, nurturing, and caring person. Con: Can also be seen as childish herself, as she will neglect her adult duties to spend time with the kids. Traumatized: Susanna suffers from PTSD. Pro: Can help and comfort other people who had been through similar experiences. Con: Can be triggered into flashbacks and panic attacks.
Stubborn: If Susanna has set her mind to do something, nothing will stop her. Pro: Can get done what needs to be done. Con: Will insist on pursuing unwise or impossible goals. Romantic: Susanna is enamored by things like poetry and chivalrous gestures. Pro: Takes joy and solace in thes things, idealism can be infectious. Con: Is setting herself up for more disappointment.

Temporary Physical Traits

Temporary Mental Traits
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