Susanna Summers
Drew Barrymore
Drew Barrymore as Susanna Summers
Full Name: Susanna Summers
Age: 21 (b. 12 Avril 1853)
Kingdom: Free City of Four Corners
House: N/A
Title/Profession: Galenthian Spy
Position: Commoner
Place of Birth: Oracla of the Fallow Lands
Sheet Information: Here
Father: Michael Summers
Mother: Petra Stone Summers
Siblings: David Alexander Orchard, Rachel Moon, Violet Blue, Michael Summers, Jr.


Young Susanna grew up as a shepherd in The Fallow Lands, intimate with war and hardship. She is a skilled fighter, yet her gentler passion is with music and poetry. Her hard life has taken all friends and family from her save for two younger sisters who she cherishes and adores. Though she would rather work full-time as a bard, through as series of strange and unlikely events Susanna has somehow reluctantly found herself a citizen of the Vir Sidus Empire, working under Consul Pompey Magnus. However, her heart truly belongs to Galenthia and most especially her queen, Melisande. For now, she will do what she can to fight against he Qatunex and keep her family safe.

On the Grid

Into my heart's treasury
I slipped a coin
That time cannot take
Nor thief purloin,—
Oh, better than the minting
Of a gold-crowned king
Is the safe-kept memory
Of a lovely thing.

(Sara Teasdale)



Filippo Lord (Sir) Filippo d'Cordova : A good and gentle man. He has been patient with my sisters, shown me compassion and understanding, and given us a place to go during our uncertainty in a strange new city. I feel true fondness and gratitude toward him.
Jarret Lord (Sir) Jarret Sokar : A hero of the Fallow Lands. I knew him at least in passing when he came by Oracla, and I know him to be a good and honorable fellow. He takes his command seriously, and I am very glad to know he will be Duke Sokar someday.
Lillian Signora (Sir) Lillian Bordeaux : What a fine, fine woman! Compassionate, strong, generous… She saved my sister's life from a fever and is doing all she can for the health of both my sisters. She's single-handedly responsible for making me question my hatred of all the people of Rikton. I also happen to have found out she is the cousin of Vemmorn Bordeaux, the strange man who visited me in the night…
Alia Lady Alia d'Meloni : We seem to have a similar understanding of loss and war, as well as a certain fatiguing distress that seems to follow them and bother sleep. I'm grateful every night for the draught gave me.
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