Laura Fraser
Laura Fraser as Sura Smith
Full Name: Sura Smith
Byname: N/A
Age: 25 (Born 23 December, 1873)
Kingdom: Unaffiliated
House: N/A
Title/Profession: Master Smith
Position: Metalsmith
Place of Birth: Four Corners
Sheet Information: sura-sheet.
Father: Unknown
Mother: Nora Smith
Siblings: Six
Spouse: Never
Children: Nope


Sura is what they call a true bastard. Her mother was the widow of a armorsmith and her father was apparantly a powerful noble who couldnt recognise her because of the adultery. She used to get birthday presents that were supposedly from her father but Sura honestly suspects that her mother made the noble bit up (she always did love telling stories). Being a bastard in a family of armorsmiths wasn't a particularly difficult fate. She had access to an apprenticeship in armorsmithing and generally excelled, becoming one of the youngest journeymen to exist in the craft. Working with metals just came naturally to her and she was soon making beautiful items of jewelry as well as armor and weapons.

She was good enough that she was able to take up her business as a moving concern, returning home to use the family forges only for highly complex commissions. This mobility means she has access to many of the noble courts - who wouldn't want to charm a woman capable of making such beautiful things? And she used this access to sate her curiosity. Before too long she had stores of information which were valuable enough to see her become something of an information broker. Nobles allow her into their homes because of what she offers, charm her, offer her information and access that most would not, and she then shares some of that information when it suits her. Money helps encourage that of course but mostly she trades information for information.

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Mattias Mattias : It could be said that Sura works for Mattias. She considers that they have a mutually beneficial trade arrangement. The truth is probably somewhere inbetween the two.
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