First off, the Gods are real (all of them). They are also subtle and more interested in the unfathomable games they play amongst themselves than the doings of their Earthborn children. While genuine cases of divine intervention do occasionally occur (read: miracles), the vast bulk of humanity will never see one in their lifetime, or even hear of one that occurs in their lifetime. When one does occur, tales will likely be told of it for several generations afterwards. For the most part, the influence of the Gods could easily just be dismissed as “luck” (of either the good or bad variety) by the less faithful. Both the “Folklore” and “Religion” skills can allow characters to know of past instances of miracles for the religion they follow. Such miracles were once more commonplace, according to legend, but whether from disinterest or from men growing further from their gods, they are now virtually unheard of.

Rumors persist that some among the Iceniala folks and the people of Whitehall can call upon the power of their gods more directly, but if it is true, none have lived to verify it.

Secondly, before the Gods, there was…something else. The One Faith now calls them “demons” but that is only to simplify that which cannot be comprehended to a term that mere mortals can digest. These Old Things touched the world in many ways, and the remnants of their passing still linger in some of the remote places of the world.

Between the Gods and the Old Things lie the Sidhe and Bane Sidhe. Legend holds that they were old when men were young, and once gifted mortals they favored with true magic and items of great power, or conversely inflicted horrible and capricious fates upon those that displeased or offended them, but they are long departed from the mortal realm…having all but utterly destroyed themselves in war against each other, though perhaps some small remnants of their power might still be found.

The Supernatural World

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