Lord (Sir) Stellan d'Tremaine
Dylan Sprayberry
Dylan Sprayberry as Stellan Kenneth d'Tremaine
Full Name: Stellan Kenneth d'Tremaine
Byname: The Stalwart
Age: 26 (b. 6/22/49 IE)
Kingdom: Aequor
House: d'Tremaine
Title/Profession: Lord / Sir
Position: Knight
Place of Birth: Murnord, Aequor
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Father: Lord Bernard d'Tremaine
Mother: Lady Eleanor d'Tremaine nee d'Laucran
Siblings: Clyde Rosemont (older half-brother), Catherine Rosemont (older half-sister)
Spouse: None
Children: None


Formerly a squire, Stellan is a knight of House d'Tremaine.

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Elrick Lord Sir Elrick d'Tremaine : My first cousin. We grew up with the same family and in the same place, but the age gap between us prevented our paths from crossing as often as most cousins are wont to do; he was already a page for House al'Callenta when I was a toddler, and a knight when I was only a page. Now that the gap has closed somewhat, he has proven to be one of my closest confidants, and I suspect the bond I share with him is the closest I'll ever get to having a brother. He will go far and I intend to help him along the way.

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