Sir Stanislaus Strauss
Barry Humphries
Barry Humphries as Sir Stanislaus Strauss
Full Name: Sir Stanislaus Strauss
Byname: {$byname}
Age: 61
Kingdom: Four Corners
House: {$house}
Title/Profession: Greycloak Commissary
Position: Greycloak Commander
Place of Birth: Some small Galenthian farm
Sheet Information: +sheet
Father: Dead
Mother: Dead
Siblings: None
Spouse: Brunnhilde
Children: Gunnhilde & Gertrude


Commissary Sir Stanislaus Strauss has served as a mercenary across countless theatres of war, and finally came to settle back in Four Corners as one of the Greycloaks (raised 1865-1866) responsible for directing the defense of the city, after the raid of 1865.

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- Greycloaks on patrol.


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