House Sokar
Building for the Future
House Overview
Head of House: Duke Jarret Sokar
Spouse: Lysette Sokar, nee March
Vassals: All noble houses of the Duchy of Riverwatch
Heir: Richard Sokar
Liege: House Romante
Succession: Eldest legitimate child inherits regardless of gender.
Military Strength: The Garrisons of the Southern Forts are well Trained, but their Archers are some of the Deadliest in the West. Their infantry suffered greatly in the Succession War, and has only recently regained its' strength and is eager to prove itself.
Goods: Ships, Timber, Silver, Textiles, Grains, Livestock, Engineering Expertise
Wealth: Well above average. With a plethora of trade goods and an extensive trading fleet, the Sokars may not be as wealthy as the Romantes or Arkanins, but they have the potential to grow and are diligently pursuing the realization of that potential.
Motto: Building for the Future


Founded on building the Great Salt River's River Forts, and defending them for centuries, House Sokar has only recently risen to be the Great House it is, having. Years of terrible leadership nearly broke them, but the events of the 30 Year War has breathed new life into them despite a crushing defeat during the Civil War.





House Relations

romante Queen Melisande Romante : The Royal House is both kind and powerful. We serve them out of respect and in thanks for the gifts bestowed after the Succession War. We served the Rose during the War because Lord Arturo Romante was the rightful Heir of the Kingdom.
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