The Sidhe Kingdom

The Sidhe Kingdom, known crudely to humans as the "Goblin Kingdom" for their most commonly encountered inhabitant, is a series of allied Holdfasts and Freeholds sprinkled throughout the Ergonian Mountain on the edge of the Civilised West under the rule of a Sidhe known to humans as "the Goblin King". They are elusive and otherworldly, having awoken from their magical imprisonment as sorcery returned to the West in 1868. They swiftly ejected the Caltu tribes who lived in their mountains and have staked a claim to their environs - though no one truly knows what objectives they might have.

Though humans know them mostly for the swarms of green-skinned goblins under their command, the Sidhe are the remnants of a civilisation that stretches back nearly to the foundation of Tirth. They are cultured, highly proficient with magic and seemingly wary of their current situation.



The Sidhe were very prevalent in the Age of Heroes. Back then there were four kinds of Sidhe called Courts. The Summer Court who worked with humanity, specifically the first Emperor of Vir Sidus Darius Firebrand, to bring about Civilization to the West (and indeed all of Tirth); the Spring Court who held themselves aloof and instead prefered to travel the oceans and instigate trade across the waters of Tirth; the Autumn Court who held a belief that the Old Things were punishment for the Hubris of the Gods; and finally the Winter Court who felt that Humanity and the rest of the races where so far beneath the Sidhe that the only answer was for the Sidhe to rule the lesser races. Only the fate of the Autumn Court can be discovered in various texts, for it was the Autumn Court present at the slaying of the believed last Old Thing, and that ancient being's final act corrupted them, turning the Autumn Court into the Bane Sidhe.

The Summer Court helped the fledgeling Empire of Vir Sidus stand against the Bane Sidhe, being present at all of the battles and taking the brunt of the fighting. In point of fact when people discuss the war between the Sidhe and the Bane Sidhe they are actually referring to the battles fought between the Summer Court and the Winter Court (Bane Sidhe). At the time o the conflict, the Winter Court retreated to what would become the Ergonian Mountains, and the Spring Court sailed for parts unknown. These acts left the Summer Court woefully unprepared and thus helped a descendent of the Firebrand seal the end of the War and the magic that had powered it.

Toward the end of the Age of Heroes, the Summer Queen created a ritual and gave it to the Fifth Emperor of the Vir Sidus Empire. The Goddess Winter Moon, upon discovering the contents flew into a rage and descended to Tirth and there the Summer Queen and Winter Moon battled while Markus Firebrand completed the Ritual. All looked grim, until Summer Moon calmed her sister, and gave power to Firebrand to finish the ritual. At the ritual's conclusion, The Gods, the Sidhe, and Sorcery were cut off from Tirth. While the Gods were still present they no longer had access to the power to directly influence the world. The Sidhe across all of Tirth simply went to sleep. As did many other magical races. In a final act by the gods these races were placed in areas not likely to be found by Humanity, the only race on Tirth who could both control Sorcery, but was not apart of Sorcery.

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