Salys Therin
Eva Green
Eva Green as Salys Marie Therin
Full Name: Salys Marie Therin
Byname: Call Sign: Rose
Age: 25
Kingdom: Vir Sidus Empire
House: Gens Therin
Title/Profession: N/A
Position: Scout in the 13th Legion under Darius
Place of Birth: Therin
Sheet Information: Salys’ Sheet
Father: Thelius Therin
Mother: Agatha Therin (AKA: Mother of Assassins)
Siblings: Sylas Therin
Spouse: N/A
Children: N/A


Born in the Vir Sidus Empire, Salys, didn’t come into this world alone. In fact, she came in screaming whilst holding the hand of her brother Sylas. This has set up the majority of her life, she goes nowhere without him and is rarely seen alone, even at their own home receiving guests. Like her brother, she is brown of hair and blue of eye. Lovely and strong, of personality and body, Salys is often categorized as a troublemaker, she doesn’t do this alone either. Snob is a light term for who she is, though she and her brother seem to feel the same, often finishing each other's thoughts; which others think is eerie, especially when they speak in unison. She is good at speaking to her brother with her eyes, and in other countries, she’s not afraid to speak in her native Imperial tongue. She doesn’t really care if it’s seen as rude or inconsiderate, she doesn’t really care what others think at all. She’s bulletproof to the sneers and glares of others around her. She also has a nasty habit of pocketing small trinkets and bobbles, though Sylas is often quick to dissuade her from such tasteless acts — even though he doesn’t make her take things she’s successfully acquired back. She is now a scout under Darius in the 13th Legion.

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What say you, brother?



Who needs more than family, anyway?

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