The Island Kingdom of Ryalta
House Overview
Head of House: Josephine Ranae Collins, Red Mane, the Pirate Queen
Spouse: None
Vassals: Multiple ships and Captains
Heir: None at Present
Liege: {$liege}
Succession: Undetermined at Present
Military Strength: Multiple ships and townships scattered across the Island Chain
Goods: Tropical wares, as well as mercantile shipping. The nation may still maintain some aggressive salvage habits
Wealth: Moderately wealthy. Most funds are spent on improvements at present.
Motto: {$motto}


The Island Kingdom of Ryalta has taken over the tropical Islands of the Southern Ocean, and as such resides in what is called the Domain of the Ocean. Though the Kingdom is one of the newest in the West, the city of Ryalta has actually existed for over a hundred years, though admittedly it existed in rumor and myth, and was only available to the Pirates of the Red Ocean Syndicate. This group quickly established a monopoly on the Pirates of the three Oceans in the West, and by the time the nations knew of Ryalta's existence, so many pirates and Privateers had agreed to protection fees and had called Ryalta a port of home that the city, though nationless, existed.

This was the normal state of affairs, with Pirate Captains vying for control of the Syndicate and thus Ryalta for the better part of a Century. That is until a young Josephine Renae Collins at the tender age of eighteen managed to not only gain her own LOYAL crew and ship, but had amassed a pirate fleet of her own and took control of the Red Ocean Syndicate and became known as Josephine Red Mane, the Pirate Queen.

For several years Ryalta bartered deals on the Oceans, mostly with Four Corners, loaning out the Pirate Queen's ships to Privateer contracts that Ryalta got percentages from. Always fair percentages so as to not drive her crews away from her, Ryalta slowly grew more and more. Creating other townships and occupying more and more of the Island chain. Eventually, more than a dozen ports were created catering to more and more of the nations smuggled goods and offering more and more safe harbors to those who were current on their taxes to the Pirate Queen.

When war broke out in the West between Kentaire and Rikton on one side, and Aequor and Galenthia on the other, Josephine knew that eventually one side or the other would need them. For personal reasons the Queen chose to approach Aequor and Galenthia, and thanks to the Chancellor of Four Corners, Sir Mattias Thynne, brokered an agreement to become a recognized nation in exchange for naval support from the Pirate Queen's forces.

It was only with these naval forces from the newborn Kingdom of Ryalta were Aequor and Galenthia not crushed by Kentaire and Rikton's impressive fleets. In 1872, a combined Sokar Red Sail Fleet and the newly minted Red Ocean Fleet engaged in battle with a Kentaire attempted invasion of Firen. Dubbed the Battle of the Red Waves, former Pirate and their former sworn enemies of the Red sails battled the 4th Kentaire Navy. For three days the walls of Firen's coastal defenses prepared to engage any Kentaire ships that slipped past, but by the end of the third day, only Ryalta and Galenthia's ships remained, while Kentaire's Admiralty called a retreat.


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