1876-04-29: Rebels Extirpated
Rebels Extirpated
IC Date: 29 Avril 1876 IE
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Over three weeks ago, the town of Biaret in the Duchy of Tarris, formerly a possession of Lord Hytal, was retaken from the bandits who'd swarmed into it the previous winter. A rapid advance by soldiers across the Tarris plains occured under the then Knight Marshal, Viscount Thomas Chandus, but it has been well noted that the ease of entry that soldiers had into the town was extensively due to the efforts of a small advance party that had snuck into the town a week earlier. Only a few of the members have been proclaimed for their deeds - Lord Corwin Ashedown, the sellsword Lilibeth, Sir Peter Hytal (related to the line that previously held Biaret) and rather surprisingly, the Duke of Riverwatch Jarret Sokar. A fourth party consisting of the main handler is known to have existed, but his or her identity has apparently been deliberately been obscured. These enterprising and gallant adventurers were able to make contact with a small group of loyalists in a town which had almost wholly gone over to the brigands' cause, ensuring that when a gate was opened to the Knight Marshal's troops, loyal militia distracted the rebellious subjects.

The resulting battle was an overwhelming victory for the forces of the Crown, who took very few casualties while cutting swathes through militia and whatever brigands remained in the town. However, the chief rebels on the town's council and many of the brigands themselves were able to escape by boat onto the lake while the Knight Marshal's fleet of longships under Jarl Beowulf was held back until the town's artillery became neutralised. Beyond casualties, around a hundred militia were hanged by Lord Corwin Ashedown, who with the Raging Bulls of House Venantius gallantly stormed the keep that the militia occupied. This was allegedly done under the Knight Marshal's seal as an extraordinary punishment for gross treason against the Crown and Duchy. For those who had surrendered in the initial fight, the Knight Marshal promised clemency. Weeks after their surrender, it has been announced that these hale and hearty young men and women are to be sent to reinforce the Tarris Frontier Force's forts in the Ergonian Marches to protect the Duchy against greenskin incursions, something which the veterans of the garrisons will undoubtedly appreciate. That this denudes the town of Biaret of many of its most important citizens and workforce is recognised, and already settlement in Biaret has been extended to retiring veterans of the Royal Regiments as compensation.

At the same time as Biaret was taken, Brigadier Baron Emrys Tenebrae encircled and began to besiege the second brigand held town of Tollet, now isolated from any rebel or brigand assistance in its area. Over the next few weeks, the Crown forces under the now Lord Marshal Chandus scoured the countryside, rooting out remnants of both bandits and their collaborators and returning it to the control of its lords. Care was made to ensure the good will of the peasantry; supplies were paid for and soldiers kept on a short leash, a testament to the Lord Marshal's general insistence on discipline. Unlike Biaret, which was stormed by surprise, Brigadier Tenebrae gave the citizens of Tollet several chances to surrender, before and after bombarding its walls with trebuchets. Each time, they declined, reportedly roused by several members of House Fitzroy from Alezzo, who before the Second Succession War held the Barony that the Brigadier himself now holds rights to.

In late Avril, the siege engines of the Brigadier finally breached the walls of Tollet. Leading his soldiers into the walls, he rather courteously again offered to accept surrender and was greeted with a hail of crossbow bolts, one of which killed his squire. The battle descended into a ruthless grind, harder fought than that of Tollet. The militia of this town were better prepared, trained and equipped than their sister town, and evidently believed that they could repulse the Queen's forces, though what they hoped for was unclear. The Brigadier's troops fought house to house, taking significant casualties but in the end capturing the town's keep and destroying the enemy in front of them. What followed was the complete and utter sacking of the town of Tollet. None of the militia who had taken up arms against the Crown survived, for even those who surrendered later on were executed on the spot. Many citizens who'd supported the rebels were also killed, and besides the keep, the town is said to be a smoking ruin. But the red lion rampant of House Tenebrae once flies over the town, even if it will need to be rebuilt from the ashes.

The crushing of the Eastern brigand and town rebellion can be said to have been successful. It was stemmed in two towns and their hinterlands, and subsequently pushed back before spreading further, and the casualties on the Crown side were still relatively light. However, the town of Biaret is partly depopulated while at least still maintaining its prime location and role at the juncture of Lakes Meldus and Sanabria, and the town of Tollet has been essentially destroyed, which will take much longer to rebuild. Still, this firms up Galenthian control of an important area in its hinterland, whose long river system may soon again prove indispensable to supplying the recently recaptured Rogers fief in the north.

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