1876-03-30: State of the Union (Tirth)
State of the Union (Tirth)
IC Date: 3/30/1876
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So instead of a Rumor I’m going to give it to you guys straight for this month. This is what the world is like at this very moment in the game. I focused on the Nations that I suspected would get asked about the most, and left out the East for reasons. There are some Player awards in here too. So make sure you read and take note.

Aequor: Still in civil war, but this has mostly stalled due to the harsh winter some speculate was caused by Imperial Sorcerors. There have been skirmishes weekly, but casualties are small and are mostly arrow wounds or weapon cuts. The King and Queen continue to hold execuations. The inquisition is everywhere and actually has the backing of the Peasants, though many whisper that Atreis would be the better ruler despite being touched by the Horned One with her Sorcery. Currently the Loyal Crown houses are al’Ramar and al’Callenta, while al’Morena is an unknown despite oaths. Al’Mordran has given up aspirations of Kingdoms, and has sided with Atreis, while al’Arran has become Arran, and has declared themselves the Kingdom of Gendial, but is at the least allied with Atreis. The Church funded, but all Aequoran Order of the Rose and Shield has settled into the area around Benide and Elder’s Eye and have begun preparations for a second major offensive into Gendial, this time led by the Cardinal’s trusted Captain, Lord Sir Michael d’Sierge.

Bitralund: Bitralund has stopped all hostile raiding and has been focusing on infrastructure and Trade with Four Corners. The Warlord Reist has become the King Reist Oathsworn, and rules from his capital with a harsh but fair hand. Those who provoke Aequor are killed by him personally.

Four Corners: After a brief period of Isolation the Chancellor of Four Corners has come out of whatever illness befell him, and has once again opened the Free City up for trade. Though Mercenaries are now allowed to contract through Four Corners once again, the Ministry of Blades has final say in what contracts are approved, and most are kept for the city itself.

-The Syndicates: The Shadow War is in full effect and mostly held at night or in Dark Alleys. The various crime families are vying for control of the Free City’s underworld. This includes crime families from ALL of the Kingdoms of the West. The Chancellor knows of this war, and his Guards hunt for the fighters regularly adding yet another side. The residents know it is dangerous to be out at night and Four Corners more or less shuts down at sunset. Throughout the evening one might hear powder shot, or foot falls on a roof.

Galenthia: The Queen still rules from Griffon Point, and is active in seeing the rebuilding of the South from the Souther Empire’s invasion earlier. Though she has held few courts, she does answer letters from her nobles that are not wasting her time. Sokar has mostly recovered from the war against Partharia with the Red Sails now sailing at nearly full strength. One thing that came down form the Queen (With apologies for the inability to do so in person) was the Award of Lady Rowena Sokar to the position of Lord Admiral of Galenthia. This gives the Sokar the command of the Royal navies as well as the Red Sails. In that vein Lord Marshal Letholdus Romante has given command of the army to Viscount Thomas Chandus, elevating him to Lord Marshal and stepping down to Knight Marshal as he focuses on Fallow Lands and Ironhold. Likely to the relief of Baron Dertan Coning, the Kingdom’s chief engineer, Firen nears completion. The walls are finished and the Queen is likely able to return to the Capital within the month. (End of April)

Holy City of Rikton: The Church has been busy, specifically the Inquisition, who has spread their influence far and wide. Despite their focus on Aequor, Inquisitors roam the West hunting for Sorcerors and creatures of the Abyss aided by the Gifted, Null Sorcerors who in the name of the One cleanse the world of demons and the foil taint of sorcery. True to their agreement at the end of the War of the West however, they remain neutral in government affairs.

Icenalian Kingdoms: The Ice Queen Kyrena, High Queen of the Icenalian Kingdoms and clans has flat out refused any involvement in the Aequor Civil War despite being approached by several Lords of the North. The only exception to this appears to be the harboring and safe passage she gave to the Princess Atreis al’Ramar when she was preparing her armies.

Imperial Colonies of the West: The Colonies of the Vir Sidus Empire are doing much better than they were this time last year. Having developed their infrastructure, and made several trade agreements and procured new lands, the Colonies are holding strong. What they lack in ability to manufacture trade with Four Corners (recently reopened) has allowed them to hire and purchase what they need. Their armies remain, despite a few years of heavy conflict, one of the best trained in the West at present. A large portion of that army is now currently focused on Rykers and driving the last of the Quantunax out of the West to fulfill the Princep’s promise to the Senate. It is said that the Princeps is planning to make sure the Colonies are secure after Rykers, and then head East to reclaim his birthright.

Ironhold: Ironhold has begun raiding up and down the Copper river. Nothing that could be construed as open war, and certainly no more than a house might do to another on occasion. They have limited trade with the Principality of Kentaire but to what extent is unknown outside of Ironhold’s borders.

Kingdom of Rikton: They have stated they will remain neutral in affairs for the time being. The new King is focused on building up the ties between his nobles and the Throne, and forging a new set of traditions. They remain steadfast loyal to the Church and Sorcery is 100% outlawed. The Templars have devoted a company of Knights of their order called the Grey Templars, who act as the King’s (who is a Templar himself) personal Body Guard. They wear dark grey surcoats in contrast to the Order’s normal White.

Partharian Empire: The Empire has returned South, there to lick their wounds. The Client Kingdom forces have also returned to their realms, though can be called to action swiftly once again if so needed. The various Princes and Princesses have already begun their own plotting, and it is likely that the normal smaller raids against Galenthia will resume at some point soon.

Principality of Kentaire: Except for there limited trade with Ironhold, Kentaire is in full Isolation. Their Privateer fleet has begun to harass the West’s Coasts while also fending off White Hallers. However they usually wait until AFTER the ships have raided and then aggressively salvage the materials already taken.

Quatunax: The Quatunax have only the City and Towns around Rykers left in the West, but brutal Mountain tribes have settled in and around the Imperial Colonies and al’Mordran. Teleko, now known to be in command of the Savages west of the mountain is still as far as anybody knows ensconced in Rykers simply waiting.

White Hall: Business as usual. Spring means Raiding Season is back on the table boys and girls!

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