1876-03-24: Galenthia's Proud Banners
Galenthia's Proud Banners
IC Date: 24 Mars 1876 IE
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After idleness was enforced on Galenthia's armed retinues and royal forces over a bitter winter, several pronouncements from the Kingdom's Knight Marshal have stirred things up once more.

Firstly, by approval of her Majesty Queen Melisande of Galenthia, several new appointments have been made - Baron Emrys Tenebrae has been appointed Brigadier of the East, replacing the Knight Marshal Viscount Thomas Chandus, and Sir Dacian Romante has been appointed Brigadier of the Crownlands, a new position. Both of these appointments should aid in the handling of defensive duties on either end of the country, enabling the two top soldiers of the Kingdom to focus on broader matters.

Duke Brennart Tarris has been officially vested as commander of the Galenthian forces in the Empire, and granted full operational control of Galenthia's soldiers fighting against the Qatunax savages near the old Tarris fief of Ryker, with Brigadier Viscount Cervantes Arkanin as his second in command.

In naval matters, the name of Rowena Sokar has been floated to be commissioned as a Commodore of the Royal Galenthian Navy, a subordinate to the Lord High Admiral, though it isn't clear what her roles and duties might be.

Secondly, after an abortive foundation during the War of the West, reform has finally come to the Kingdom's royal supply depots, which have now been brought up to full capacity. Multiple depots have been established in the various provinces, co-located with existing royal garrisons along navigable rivers and the Great Salt itself.

The supply depots have been primarily provisioned by a taxation in kind that the Crown has levied upon local houses; while this has caused resentment in certain areas, the argument that such a duty was owned as a military service by vassals to their liege ended up winning the day. These depots shall facilitate swifter reaction to crises within the Kingdom's borders, as supply considerations are now mitigated for armies brought into the field.

Alongside these depots, work has begun on establishing royal armouries to produce arms and armour for use by the Kingdom's forces. However, the continued work by craftsmen and artisans on the rebuilding of Galenthia following years of war has delayed the completion of this measure until at least the summer.

Finally, rumours have been heard around Galenthia's soldiers that a number of them have been posted out of their parent regiments to parts unknown. What assignment these soldiers are being posted to isn't clear; there has been talk about a Royal Yeomanry to organise militia forces in large urban centres, but nothing concrete has been announced on this front. It is also possible that these soldiers are being posted to the new supply depots to handle and safeguard goods.

Whatever the case, as the weather rapidly begins to thaw in Galenthia, the first priority for their soldiers will undoubtedly be to stamp out the the bandits choking off a vital supply line to the north in the Tarris Duchy, in vicinity of Lake Meldus. Rumours already speak to soldiers marshalling for the move, and it's only a matter of time.

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