1876-03-19: The West Updated
The West Updated
IC Date: 3/20/1876
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Rumors in the West.

OOC: This is what you will hear as you move through the party. So I don’t have to pose a million NPC’s do hand out this information, instead just have your character over the course of the party simply hear this being discussed or discuss it with an NPC or amongst yourselves on things you’ve heard.

Aequoran Civil War: Due to the heavier than normal winter, the Civil war has become a long series of skirmishes along respective borders. This is especially true along the Gendiel front, where skirmishes around Fort Benide are common ever since the Order of the rose and Shield took it back for Aequor. People whisper that the church is executing anybody who worship the Many and do not convert, or who are Sorcerers. Gendiel it is whispered is sacrifing their prisoners to the dark gods as tey have asked for very few ransoms in the war and have taken a considerable number prisoner.

Gendiel is rumored to have a blood alliance with the Icenalians and the Icenalians are rumored to be ready to storm the South once again under the leadership of the Ice Queen. The Church ahs already declared a Crusade, and it is believed that the Church is preparing a great Army of the Faith in the Capital of the One Faith, the City of Rikton.

Along the al’Mordran front, there have only been skirmishes, and few at that as al’Callenta has fortified their position and just tried to ride out the Winter. It is believed that Atreis has kidnapped, and possibly put the al’Mordran duchess on trial. The outcome is said to be either she was put to death, is being held for considerable ransom, or has sided with the former Crown Princess.

For the part of Atreis people whisper of secret meetings with world leaders, where she ahs used her sorcerous powers to seduce the King of Bitralund, Four Corners, AND the Queen of Galenthia. Maybe just one of them. Maybe not at all.

Galenthia bandits: The bandits are mostly in Tarris lands but have now spread to River Pirating, moving up and down the Rivers in Tarris territory. The Bandit King has taken two territories in Tenebrae and Hytal lands that are within a day’s ride of each other. Though the Winter has stopped most of this, highway robbery is still common in the Eastern Duchy. It is said he has sent envoys to the Queen of Galenthia requesting status as a minor lord in her court.

Matinga: Both forces of Matinga in Aequor and Galenthia have been driven off. They raided, but didn’t take prisoners. Eating the hearts of foes who were clearly worthy in their eyes and displaying their corpses by crucifying them to trees, or fence posts. The Royal navy of Galenthia engaged their ships as they fled briefly, but the Matinga Rockets drove them off before they could do more than fire a cannon shot or two. People believe the Matinga were looking for something. Or someone.

Four Corners: Some sort of war in the alleys and the shadows of buildings is happening. It is rumored that those who are rich are the only targets, while others whisper that some sort of war between Crime Families is happening. .

The Chancellor is believed to have taken ill, as he has been seen only rarely and only in Council. This has caused a belief that a plague might be hitting the upper class of Four Corners. While others believe the plague is hitting the lower class and poor.

Kentaire: NOT A RUMOR. Kentaire has gone into straight Isolation.

Iron Hold: Either Iron Hold is isolating or is beginning to plan a full attack on a weakened Galenthia. Perhaps the Bandits in House Tarris, the only House they believe to be a threat, are part of their plan as was done in the Second Galenthian Civil war?

War against the Quatunax: Both Galenthian forces and The Colonies of the Vir Sidus Empire in the West, have engaged the Quatunax around Rykers driving their field armies back to the city. Rumor of dead and dark magiks have filled the ears, but the Siege of the City Holds. It is believed the Empire will order a full attack on the City anyday now. Many saying they’ll spend the Galenthian lives first before taking all the glory in the upcoming battle.

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