1874-11-29: Autumn Chill
Autumn Chill
IC Date: 29 Novembre, 1874 IE
Related Information: BB 17/230, related to Parthian siege of southern Galenthia

Autumn in southern Galenthia was unexpectedly short this year, and bitterly cold rains have begun falling in nearly all areas along the coast of the Great Salt. In some of the more hilly or mountainous terrain, snow has accompanied or replaced this rain, blanketing the ground especially towards the east, near the Ergonians. Even in the normally pleasant climes in vicinity of Alicante, Dalcen and Alnburgh, the weather has taken an unexpected and very early turn for the worse.

This has decisively played into the hands of the defenders, while negatively affecting the invading Parthians who’ve taken a large swathe of territory north of the Great Salt. The southrons, especially those from the deep south, seem to be in poor spirits and badly affected by the change of weather. Their temporary camps were designed for their hot southern climates, and discipline has been noticeably dropping among them. Largely safe behind their hard roofs and walls, or else on home ground and easily availing themselves of shelter and knowledge of the climate, the Galenthians and in the far east their Njorfolk allies of Dorling have eased back into their posture, secure in the knowledge that the weather is not going to improve for months.

The climatic conditions have simply aggravated what has already been occurring. The Parthian invasion of Galenthia has stalled. While they have pushed nearly 60 miles inland in some places, the mighty fortresses of Duval, March, Alnburgh, Dalcen and Alicante, as well as a myriad of smaller castles, have held out, thanks to the keen efforts of their defenders and the excellent provisioning which occurred over the summer. The Galenthians outside of the fortresses have largely played it safe, conducting frequent raids and ambushes and gathering intelligence, but not making moves in large numbers.

This may have been a wise decision. Despite the apparent dip in morale and combative spirit amongst the Parthians, the fact remains that they outnumber the Galenthians by an order of magnitude in all theatres, projecting more and more strength as of late particularly near to Duval and Alnburgh. Whether the Parthians are simply tightening the noose in their siegeworks, making a push inland or making one more attempt at the capture of these fortresses is unclear, but they’d better move soon – before the Great Salt’s autumn and winter storms increase significantly, and their supplies run low and they begin to run into real problems.

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