1874-09-24: Bordeaux / Arkanin Wedding at Barjols
Bordeaux / Arkanin Wedding at Barjols
IC Date: 1874-09-24
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News has come down from Rikton, and more specifically, from Barjols, the seat of House Bordeaux. A wedding, and an outdoor wedding at that. Taking full advantage of the lush beauty of the countryside surrounding Barjols, a series of outdoor pavilions played host to the wedding of Signora Sir Lillian Bordeaux, Head of House Bordeaux, to Viscount Sir Cervantes Arkanin, Head of House Arkanin of Murias. As Heads of Houses in their own rights, the bride and groom did not exchange cloaks, though each wore their House colours in exceptionally fine fashion. In deference to their positions as heads of house, rather than taking one or the other's name, the pair instead took a new styling for their names and titles.

Signora Sir Lillian Bordeaux became Signora Sir Lillian Bordeaux, the Countess Arkanin.


Viscount Sir Cervantes Arkanin became Viscount Sir Cervantes Arkanin, the Signore Bordeaux.

The bride and groom celebrated their wedding with a full complement of guests from all of the great Kingdoms of the West and even extended an invitation to the Vir Sidus Empire. A spirited reception was scheduled to follow, with gifts to be exchanged between guests and the bride and groom. The guests were feted on land and aboard a pair of pleasure barges that plied the river at the western border of Bordeaux's lands.

OOC: We decided to just background the wedding, but we hope to plan an event for the fete and pleasure cruise in the near future. Feel free to assume that all of the PCs were invited and that you accepted the invitation or not, as it would suit your character. We took the idea for the secondary titles from the British Royal Family, where, for example, Prince Charles is styled the Duke of Rothesay in Scotland, or the Duke of Cornwall when he is in SE England. Or Prince William as the Baron Carrickfergus in Northern Ireland.

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