1874-08-23: Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer
IC Date: 1874-08-23
Related Information: Death of a Dragon

Rumors swirl from the Sokar camp, of a Partharin Prince in captivity at Dalcen and a dead Isabel Sokar. As rumor states, the Dragon Lady of Sokar, who seemed unsurprised at all of this, invited the Prince to speak to her vassals and kin. He spoke of taking Duval, of making Isabel Queen, and she spoke of Queen Melisande’s ineptitude in the current political landscape that is now Galenthia. The Dragon Lady pressured her son, Jarret, into speaking his thoughts on the matter. He spoke, alright, and all agree, he walked up to his mother and apologized as he slit her throat with a lightsilver dagger, saying “Forgive me, I do this for the sake of House Sokar…” Promptly he seized the Prince and released those his mother had just taken into custody for their dissent. Whispers go from ear to ear amongst the peasantry, for the death of The Dragon Lady of Sokar, they’re calling him “Dragon Slayer.”

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