1874-08-03: The Tides of War
The Tides of War
IC Date: 03 Aout, 1874 IE
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Transparent hashed red line indicates extend of conquest, arrows indicate direction of raiding

After nearly a month of fragmentary word from the west coast of Aequor, a picture has finally began to be painted. There appears to be several elements in the White Hall invasion force that has landed in the region - one is a relatively well controlled force (for the Njorfolk) of those Jarls and retainers who've elected to serve Reist Ragnessen, a Jarl of the Western Shore of White Hall who followed in the footsteps of his father, Jarl Ragnar of the Great Raid of Four Corners in 1865. The second group are a variety of loosely tied raiders who've elected to follow Reist and aid him, more or less, in search of slaves, goods and glory.

The first of these groups under Jarl Reist has been fairly disciplined in their endeavours. Attacking on multiple axes, they took most of the coastal houses at once, overwhelming the undermanned garrisons that had been depleted by the war and occupation with Kentaire. The seats of House d'Bellet and d'Attardo were both brutally sacked and conquered, and their noble families appear to have disappeared, though it's hard to tell whether they're still alive. d'Orianne's seat was badly damaged in its conquest, too, but rumours say that they are imprisoned by the Njorfolk.

More strikingly, Jarl Reist himself daringly attacked and captured the Duchy capital at al'Morena, executing Duke James and extirpating the rest of the family. The head was sent to the Royal Family of al'Ramar as a warning to them. Overall, the direct forces of Reist, which number in the thousands, extend in an arc from the former Duchy capital of Alasce near to the seat of House d'Rynelle.

The second of the groups to have landed, those raiders tied much more loosely to Jarl Reist, have ranged much further upstream. The full gamut of White Hall ships are present on nearly all major rivers of the Duchy, having pushed south nearing to the d'Armaz vassal of d'Cauthone and even into the al'Callenta Duchy of Murnord. Chaos has ensued as they raid the countryside and attack any they meet, rarely staying for long.

Aequor's response has been admittedly disjoined, but gained in strength. So far, the County of d'Geroux's capital has weathered the storm, even as many of its vassals have been submerged by the tide. The majority of the Argent Legion that was not in Evalle has marched from its garrisons to confront the raiders, but has had to disperse its forces in order to deal with all of the scattered enemies throughout the area. Nearly half of the Arrani Legion took barges down from the Duchy of Gendiel to the Duchy of Murnord and disembarked. They are currently assisting the Argent Legion in clearing raiders, but both forces have seen reverses as White Hallers sometimes overwhelm them unexpectedly.

The situation is fluid, and it's unlikely that Jarl Reist is going to stop. Rumour has it that the capital of County d'Geroux will be the next target before a general push elsewhere. Thus far, he's brushed away any serious opposition to the tide and although he's taken a slight pause, it is very likely that he'll resume his advance some time soon.

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