1874-08-03: A grim market
A grim market
IC Date: 1874-08-03
Related Information: +bb 17/219

Sometimes there's a need for something that doesn't quite belong on the regular market. Sometimes one can't jot down that one desires powdered bone from a human corpse on ones shopping list. Teeth? Bones? Cadavers? Oh there's always someone wanting something that simply doesn't belong on those upstanding market stalls of 4C, mostly because the screams that would echo about the marketplace would be a trifle distracting, and the thud of approaching guardsmen would likely ruin the whole experience. But there's a rumour that should one put a word in an appropriate ear in the slums of Four Corners, then perhaps, just perhaps, one might well find a rather morbid supply line becomes available. Loose tongues however… are not recommended, and are available for a small fee.

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