1874-07-29: Mapping Galenthia
Mapping Galenthia
IC Date: 1874-07-29
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It is out in the wilds of Galenthia, the sheep trails and distant barely travelled paths that are barely known by anyone, that Sir Wulfred and his band of merry cartographers travel. By foot and by hoof, the men and women of the Royal Order of the Burnished Spur set to marking these trails and paths, meeting with the locals who rarely if ever have visitors, listening to their tales and asking of those oft missed parts that few have heard of and fewer still have ever trod. Coin is often spent, and tales shared of better times. The Royal Order travels far and wide, marking, measuring, camping as one come the darkness, and travelling far and wide once more come the light of a new dawn. The information the various parties glean and gather all comes together, with regular reports delivered to the Viscount Chandus, delivered from dusty buff-coated Spurs, who have but time to hand across their report and gather some supplies before they depart once more for the wilderness. One things for sure, the maps never reach anyone elses eyes but those of the Viscount, from Spurs to Brigadier. And no one inbetween.

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