1874-06-24: Defense along the Great Salt
Defense along the Great Salt
IC Date: 24th Juin 1874
Related Information: Threat of attack from Partharia. Preparations.

Several days ago the Royal Riverwatch Immortals, accompanied by the Siege Breakers, a company of Kaedon heavy spear and a half company of shadowsnakes arrived at the great fortress of Alnburg, near the Sokar/March border. This force, commanded by Dertan Kaedon, has been established as a response force should an unexpected attack strike one of the Forts along the shores of the Riverwatch Duchy.

The Sokar Brigadeer has since been busy explaining the threat with the Great Lords of Sokar and ensuring that the appropriate routes of supply and reinforcement are all in good order.

However any attempts to join forces directly to his own have resulted in a simple response; Lord Jarret Sokar is in command of the Sokar forces as a whole. Speak with him.

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