Walking in the Light of the One
House Overview
Head of House: High Priest Alejander II
Spouse: None (The High Priest never marries)
Vassals: Teleko, al’Demense, and Cantire
Heir: None Selected
Liege: The One
Succession: Chosen by Conclave
Military Strength: Calvary, Phalanx, Archers, Levies
Goods: Honey Mead, Gold Mines, Wheat, Wine
Wealth: Very Wealthy
Motto: Walking in the Light of the One


The City State of Rikton is the spiritual, economical, and military center of the One Faith. Founded at the height of the Empire’s power when the Emperor Marius Firandaire proclaimed his conversion to the One Faith after his prayer of assistance during a climactic battle in the north. Legend has it he promised the Knight, Ser Travis Syniger, that if the God of Faith where to reveal himself to the Emperor during the battle, he would convert. During the battle, as he was forced to draw sword and battle against the enemy, the Emperor was gravely wounded. His friend, the Paladin Syniger rushed to his Emperor’s side, and the first recorded use of Divine healing occurred. He laid hands upon the Emperor and as his eyes glowed with divine power, his voice changed, he grew taller, and more powerful. As he drew a sword now literally dripping with golden fire, he said to Marius: “You still have my work to perform My Emperor. Go forth in my name, for I am the Voice of God, and defeat those that survive my wrath.” The knight, possessed with both Divine Healing and Righteous fury, proceeded to single-handedly rout the enemy, and as Marius watched, he converted to the one faith, even as the brave knight died from channeling such an awesome amount of power.



Rikton's location inspired by: Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Fountain in the Piazzo

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