Ranulfr Raskbrook
Alexander Dreymon
Alexander Dreymon as Ranulfr Raskbrook
Full Name: Ranulfr Raskbrook
Byname: The Farmer
Age: 30
Kingdom: White Hall
House: Clan Raskbrook
Title/Profession: {$title}
Position: Farmadr
Place of Birth: White Hall
Sheet Information: +sheet
Father: Swithwulf Swithwulfsson Raudi
Mother: Greta Raudi
Siblings: None
Spouse: None
Children: Ranulfr has two children by his slave Sif, Sigmundr (10), Sigrid (11)


On the Grid

'It is better to stand and fight. If you run, you'll only die tired.' - A Viking Saying


'You're fools,'

I snarled.

'You are all





I was determined to enjoy myself.

- Bernard Cornwell, The Pagan Lord.

Honey and wheat, mead, beer and bread, you proliferate the things that make life worth living. But while the heady drink and sweet breads fill the belly and salve the soul, the sword ensure you will only ever look over your lands with one eye. Perhaps it is time to sit back and reconsider, or else to train until your sweat brings you low? - Prophecy.

Relationships - White Hall


Relationships - Enemies and the Tolerated beyond White Hall

Veslingr (VEHS-ling-uhr) = Puny wretch

Vamr (VAHM-uhr) = Loathsome person

Nidingr ((NEETH-ing-uhr) = Villain, vile person

Arka (AR-kah) = Sensitive, cowardly

Fifl (FEEF-uhl) = Fool, idiot

Hraumi (HROWM-ee) = Braggart

Dunga (DOON-gah) = A useless fellow

Slapr (SLAHP-uhr) = Lazy person

Gloggvingr (GLOHG-ving-uhr) = Stingy person

Bakrauf (PAH-kah-roif) = Anus

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