The Qatunax Malkete
Blood is the Food of the Gods
House Overview
Head of House: Many kings, but paramount is High Malku Piyusti-intahala
Spouse: Many
Vassals: Several subject peoples southeast of the Cloudspine Mountains; multiple Vir Sidus successor Principates and Despotates; wide aray of Qatunax Malket
Heir: ?
Liege: N/A
Succession: Unregulated, subject to whim of Malku
Military Strength: {$military}
Goods: Tribute, slaves, precious goods, plunder
Wealth: Very Wealthy
Motto: Blood is the Food of the Gods


The Qatunax are a loose confederation of distinct but related peoples from the continent to the south east of the former Vir Sidus Empire's frontier. Previously uncontacted, they evolved culturally in isolation from the rest of known world (at least that which is know to the Civilised West).

Since their unification by the Plains People a hundred years ago, they consolidated their kingdoms under the direction of their High Malku (High King) and then struck north. In the late 1860s and early 1870s, they invaded the old Vir Sidus Empire, which subsequently shattered into a variety of domains. The Qatunax are divided up into a vast array of Malki (Kingdoms) ruled by Malku (Kings) or Queens (Malka) that fight each other only slightly less frequently than outsiders. Their civilisation, however, is loosely tied together by the will of High Malku Piyusti-intahala, who keeps them focused on their new goal of expansion.

Initially checked by Imperial armies, during the terribly cold winter of 1870 they crossed the frozen Hypanis river and launched a massive offensive, first destroying the holy site at the Temple of Henius. Though they were defeated on numerous occasions by well organised Imperial armies, their demands for submission encouraged several Imperial warlords to break off from the empire and swear allegiance to them. This divide and conquer worked well enough to bring them to the gates of the capital, Asterrea. Let in by a treacherous Consul of the Palace (the Imperial Prime Minister) who'd been promised a high place in the new order of things, the Qatunax embarked on an orgy of bloodlust and violence. They slaughtered all Imperial officials, flaying Emperor Nikandros alive and forcing the Consul of the Palace to dismember himself before slowly crushing him underneath a stone wheel. The entire Imperial capital was either enslaved, outright murdered or sacrificed and the city was destroyed.

By 1873, the Malki of Kultepex crossed over the Ergonian mountains by the invasion route that Vir Sidus had used to invade Marinor a hundred years earlier, utterly destroying Houses Ryker and Rogers in Galenthia, and in Aequor Houses d’Meloni, d’Mollari and the County d'Korbina's defunct lordship under stewardship. Eventually, they were checked by a concerted and coordinated push by Houses d’Korbina and the County cadet branch of House Arkanin.

Their brutal and genocidal methods have absolutely shocked the West, but they do not appear to be much moved to pity, having enslaved or exterminated much of the population in the territory they took in Aequor and Galenthia.

They have yet to show much little in diplomatic dealings with their foes, short of subjugation or pledges of fealty. They continue to aggressively probe both Kingdoms and have tried to resume their expansion on a few occasions. By mid 1874, the Imperial Colonies of the West led by Princeps Darius Firebrand of Legio XIII had aggressively cut a swathe into their western territories, re-capturing a number of former Aequorian fiefs for the Empire. With the Imperial Colonies as well as a fellow Qatunax group called the Mountain Peoples attacking the western Qatunax, it appears that their territorial acquisitions have stalled as of early 1875.



Blood is the Food of the Gods

Kingdom Relations

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