Eternal Crusade MUSH Policies

The Golden Rules:

  1. Don’t be a jerk.
  2. Act like an adult.
  3. Talk to people.
  4. Have fun and strive to make the game fun for others.
  5. Regular tithes of delicious baked goods, fine alcoholic beverages, and/or legal tender to the Staff are appreciated but not required.

Staff Duties:

Any on staff should try to run scenes, and in general keep the RP flowing. They should police the Theme, approve or modify player run TP’s, and mediate disputes. See the Staff Policies tabs below for further information on staff responsibilities and rules.

Rule of Fun:

This game is here to be an enjoyable leisure activity for the staff and the players alike. It is not here to be a medieval history, or wedding simulator and it may not always be realistic to world history. While certainly a certain consistency within the theme and a degree of realism is desirable, we will make allowances for RP. "Dramatic Time" is a perfect example of this: Sometimes travel times can be mitigated/ignored for the sake of getting people to fun RP. Bottom line: Don't get so hung up on the details that it stifles RP. The fine details of culture and pseudo-historical accuracy should be something that augments RP, but not necessarily something that defines it.

Please note that Dramatic Time only works with moving your person and a couple of NPCs. Moving armies are subject to the normal laws of physics; please get in contact with staff to find out how long it will take for you to march with a force of soldiers.

Rating and Adult Content:

This game is rated R and players are to be over the age of 18. Be respectful of other players if they ask you to tone down excessively detailed description of violence, nudity, etc… Staff and players are expected to act like adults and communicate with each other.

Policies Related to RP and IC/OOC Division

These policies relate directly as to what Staff expects of players within Eternal Crusade.

Discipline, Harassment and Grievances

If staff finds a player has been engaged in misconduct or has violated our stated policies after getting all sides of the story, they will use their discretion as to what level of disciplinary action may be suited to the situation. This may come in the form of a warning, or in particularly severe circumstances, a temporary suspension from the game or outright banning. Depending on the severity of the misconduct, we reserve the right to just skip steps. We will log any communications between players and staff on such issues in the interest of fairness.

Please keep in mind we are a game based around fun. If for whatever reason the Staff decide to skip any step and go right to banning, it is Staff's right. It won't be done lightly, and truthfully you'd have to seriously mess up to earn it.

Staff Policies

These are the policies that the staff of Eternal Crusade are expected to follow while undertaking their duties as staffers.

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