Pirates and Privateers

The ocean and rivers are the west are major trade routes throughout the entire region, and the oceans connect the north and the south as far as trade goes. Making all of the major waterways some of the most traveled in the world, and making the coastal dwellings of most nations extremely prosperous. Especially for Kentaire and Four Corners. For Centuries Pirates, men and women with ships and the drive to take other people’s property (Up to and including their lives!) have plied the waterways and done as they please. These people are called Pirates, and they are despised on the waters by the Civilized West.

The other side of this is Privateers, who more or less live and work as Pirates, but with a nation’s backing. Currently the only nations using Privateers are the Principality of Kentaire and Four Corners. They are a part of a navy, and while are rarely given orders of a military nature, in exchange for their freedom, they are expected to follow those orders if they are given. Players are only permitted to be Privateers from Four Corners at this time.

Pirates are pretty much the scum of the Seas. They travel where they want, take what they want, and live how they want. While the West is huge, there are two types of Pirates: Ocean Pirates and River Pirates. Those that ply the Oceans have a but more running room, as they can make it to Four Corners or an Island in the Ocean where they can hide. The Kingdom of Ryalta, despite now being legitimate, sometimes acts as a pirate island run by The Red Ocean Syndicate. Pirates are free to App, but players should see positions in following tabs, for information.

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