Lord (Sir) Percival Charing
Aidan Turner
Aidan Turner as Sir Percival Charing
Full Name: Sir Percival Charing
Byname: None
Age: 25 (born on 24th of Juin, 1842)
Kingdom: Galenthia
House: Charing
Title/Profession: Lord
Position: Lord/knight
Place of Birth: Southmarch
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Father: Lord Benedict Charing
Mother: Lady Patricia Charing, née Hawkness
Siblings: Maybe some younger siblings
Spouse: None.
Children: None.


A knight and nephew to the current Viscount Willard Charing.

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Willard The Viscount : My uncle. Who has my respect and loyalty.
Rhett The heir : Rhett is of rather unobtrusive and gentle nature, perhaps too unobtrusive for an heir. But well. He's kept out of anything that may have caused any disgrace to our House. Oh. Stubborn, he is as well. Refusing to marry, with a lovely priestess as consort, and an illegitimate child on his hands. I can understand why Willard may not be too happy about this. It's only a question of time, when our Viscount will put an end to it.
Aidric The Black Sheep (deceased) : Aidric and I were of an age. Sharing a love for the arts, and some ideals when we were younger. When the Succession War broke out, he chose to side with his uncle, the Thorn Arturo Romante - and in this he diverged from the course of neutrality dictated by our Arkanin liege. This would taint his name, especially after the Rose won the war, and he had to deal with the aftermath, and the wrath of his father. I hear in the year before he got killed he was acting as agent for Queen Melisande, to make up for his past mistakes.
Shirlyn Another cousin : Oh Shirlyn, Shirlyn. Up to no good, you were as a child, playing pranks and busy on your own agenda. I love your wit, your cunning mind, but I'm also wary of it, having been clever enough to keep out of any of your schemes so far. Even though I was surprised to hear of your betrothal to that bastard brother of Gauvain Tarris of all; he's a baron, recently elevated by the Queen. I'm curious to hear what is to come of it.
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