Count (Sir) Paul Arkanin
Bruce Greenwood
Bruce Greenwood as Paul Randall Arkanin
Full Name: Paul Randall Arkanin
Byname: None
Age: 44 (8/17/1821)
Kingdom: Galenthia
House: Arkanin of Murias
Title/Profession: Count (Sir)
Position: Count of Murias, Knight
Place of Birth: Murias
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Father: Jonathon Arkanin
Mother: Chastity Arkanin nee Lee
Siblings: Grace (b 1815), Tanya (b 1819), Boric (b 1822), Aurelia Romante (b 1823) ((editor's note: most are/were married but they haven't been fully woven into the trees yet. Will update when I finish the Arkanin duchy trees)
Spouse: yes (currently unnamed)
Children: yes (three)


Paul Arkanin is the Count of Murias, and Cousin to Archduchess Anca Arkanin. A reasonably well-respected veteran of the 30 Years War and a onetime friend of Lord Arturo Romante, he has never been comfortable with House Arkanin's neutrality during the Succession War but felt honor-bound to follow his lieges despite his misgivings. It was among his house that his nephew, the Rose-loyal Tristan Romante, was placed through the Succession War.

Paul is presently a Staff NPC, however he may become open for application at a later time.

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Anca Archduchess Anca Arkanin : My Cousin is more than adept at the role of leading her house. I may not always agree with her methods or her decisions, but I cannot deny that they have borne fruit. Her byname is well-earned, for she hides her ferocity well beneath the pleasant exterior.
Xavier Duke Xavier Arkanin : He is skilled at defending his lands, and as vicious a fighter as any I've seen. Sadly, that's about all that I can say of him that speaks well.
Symon Lord Symon Arkanin : Anca and Xavier's eldest shows much promise, from what I've seen. He's always been respectful and polite towards me, though I do not know him well. I've heard others say that he has all the best of both his parents, and in that case he will be a formidable Duke.
Bryad Lord Bryad Arkanin : Little Bryad had left the nest before I ever really had a chance to know him. I hear he has enjoyed success within the Church as a scholar, and wish him well of it. Though I would feel a bit better if he'd have stayed to inherit my county, as it's often a bit discomfiting when a woman inherits in Wayston.
Evae Lady Evae Arkanin : A beauty, to be sure. Graceful and elegant and all that a woman of Wayston should be. She is in line to inherit my county, as is the Arkanin way due to her brother taking to the Church, and I have tried to teach her as best I can when opportunity arises. She certainly has the capability to rule well, but I worry for her health, and that her femininity may hamper her unless she finds a strong partner for a husband.
Jaelynn Lady Jaelynn Arkanin : What I have seen of Anca and Xavier's youngest leads me to believe that she may have a more free spirit than they are accustomed to dealing with. I hope that they do not drive it fully from her in their efforts to tame it.
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