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What Is The Eternal Crusade?

The Eternal Crusade is a MUSH (Multi-User Shared Hallucination) set in an original fantasy world. The action takes place in what is called "The Civilized West" primarily between the nations of Aequor, Galenthia, Four Corners, and Rikton. Recently the Island continet of White Hall has opened up, allowing players to delve into the life of a Njorvolk raider. We (the staff and storytellers for the game) strive for a setting that is a roughly equal blend of political intrigue, high adventure, and gritty warfare. This is a "low fantasy" setting, which means that while supernatural and magic elements exist, they tend to be rare, and their effects are often subtle, of limited utility, or come at a high price. The Civilized West is a fairly dark place and the game is intended for mature participants, but we're not quite so gritty and cutthroat as something like A Song of Ice and Fire (perhaps better known for its' television adaptation Game of Thrones), though neither are we as shiny and idealistic as say, The Lord of the Rings. We'd like to think we fall close enough to the middle ground between the two that fans of either (or both!) might feel welcome here though.

Our setting is derived from a large number of influences and inspirations, but "The West" is generally intended to be similar in feel to Western Europe circa the late 1300's. However, we are not a medieval history simulator, and many cultural and technological allowances have been made in the hopes that prospective players will find the experience of playing here more enjoyable. Of note, the Civilized West is generally not an inherently patriarchal society, thus allowing for female warriors and women holding legitimate and recognized positions of great power and authority in political, religious and military realms.

Policies describes the rules for our game, and is mandatory reading for all applicants. The FAQ contains other information you may find useful while getting started. Character Concepts and the pages that link off of it can help you envision a potential character to bring into the game and Character Generation can help you flesh that character out. The timeline gives you a broad history of our setting, while the pages for the various noble Houses and Domains can give you further information to familiarize you with the world of the game. Of course religion plays a large role in our setting, and lurking underneath it all there are still elements of the supernatural waiting to be uncovered…or perhaps best left buried.

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