The Orders Militant and The Inquisition

The militant orders are a disparate collection of various Knightly orders that all at least nominally answer to the Church. Originally, the militant orders were founded by the group of elite warriors that served as The One's bodyguards during his mortal life, each of whom would go on to become saints in their own right. Of those initial seven orders, only three now remain so far as the general populace is concerned (with a fourth that operates in secret). In the centuries that have passed other militant orders have risen and fallen, leaving well over a dozen separate organizations all claiming to be Holy Orders of Knighthood. In practice, however, some of these groups number only a few members (usually confined to a specific region or monastery), and two of these latter orders contain the majority of the latter order membership.

In theory, the Knights of the Holy Orders are supposed to answer to the Church, and come running should it call for a crusade. In practice, the Vigilant, Templar, and Reliant orders are directly answerable to the Church, and the rest are…less so. It has become quite commonplace for Nobles of Aequor and Galenthia to actively seek membership in one of the Holy Orders because it is considered extremly prestigious and provides an excellent network for contacts and political maneuvering. More rare are those nobles that actively pledge themselves to the order and leave their families behind to truly serve as a Holy Knight, though this is considered an extremely honorable role for second-and-later children of noble families to pursue.

The Vigilant Order is a secret to most.

OOC Note: IC Knowledge of the Vigilant Order must be cleared with staff unless you have documented RP where it was revealed to your character.

We welcome and encourage new Knightly Orders, both for the Kingdoms as well as specifically for the Order Militant of the One Faith. Just understand they will be small, until character interactions garners you more members. We also reserve the right as staff to close this option off. We do not want fifty Orders Militant with one player in each, we would like to see the Orders grow and flourish. So please, please, consider if your concept could fit, or be better suited inside one of the already existing Orders Militant before you create one.

The Founding Orders

The Founding Orders are those that remain of the original seven militant orders. They represent the largest and most commonly-encountered members of the Militant Orders. These include the the Templars, and the Reliant. The Latter Orders are those that have sprung up in the centuries past the founding of the One Faith, and are a many and varied lot. Though the Inquisition is technically not a Militant Order, it is generally lumped in with them due to the nature of the work they provide.

List of Orders Militant

This is a list of the current Orders Militant that reside within the Civilized West. Please check with staff before adding yours to make sure that it has been approved.

Order Description Status
The Vigilant The Vigilant are the branch of the One Faith that is tasked with investigating and dealing with the supernatural elements of the world. Their existence is a closely guarded secret by the Church. IC Recruiting/Elite Application
The Inquisition The Holy Inquisition has risen to become one of the most powerful and certainly the most feared of the One Faith's many branches. After the great conversion, the Emperor Marius Firandaire saw fit to make certain that the last vestiges of other faiths within his borders were stamped out, and so he found the ambitious Cardinal Alric Teleko, and together they created what would become the Holy Inquisition. Open
Templars Forged in battle at the foundation of the Church in northern Aequor, the Order of the Knights Templar are knights sworn to both Church and nation to protect the faithful. Originally created to protect the northern realms of Aequor from Iceniala raiders, these knights are sworn by the church to defend against the evils of the unfaithful, and to protect the faithful from the physical dangers posed by heretics and enemies of the church. Open
The Reliant Formed in the Chaos created when the Empire retreated over the Eastern Mountains, the Order Reliant is an Order founded on aiding and defense of the weak. While a military order that follows strict military guidelines, unlike the Templars the Order Reliant is founded on aid, not direct confrontation. Open
The Royal Knights of the Burnished Spur A Royal Order of Knights dedicated to Galenthia and the defense of their liege's lands, originally founded as a Tarris Order but since transferred to Royal service. They have a great interest in the art of cartography and the knowledge of the lay of the land, instilling such knowledge in their squires from the very moment they join, believing that such knowledge gives them a crucial edge in their martial dealings. Though quite capable in melee combat, they are also known for their love of of the firearms. Training in such weapons begins in earnest for the squires who wield bows and indeed for the knights who are afforded the honour of wielding a hand cannon. Associated with the Order is a Royal Regiment of Pike and Shot. Open/IC Recruitment
The Knights of the Battleborn An order of Knights who follow and worship the many, and pledge their vows to the Many as well as House Kaedon. Currently Lead by High Mother Lady Sir Helena Shepard. Open IC Recruitment
Horned Knights Knights in the service of hellsmouth county under the leadership of d'Korbina. Known for their horned helms. Open
The Royal Order of the Griffon An order of five hundred that acts as both Galenthia's Royal regiment of heavy cavalry as well as acting as officers for Galenthia's five other national level regiments.
The Blue Cavaliers An order of Knights devoted to the protection of the Royalty of Aequor. The Cavaliers have a reputation for being … eccentric, and are usually in trouble for duels, bar room brawls, and mockery. Despite this, they are highly trained, and deadly swordsmen.
The Royal Lancers The Royal Lancers are the Royal Guard of Galenthia and are some of the most elite knights in the west. They wear specialized Blackened Plate, and ride Heavy Chargers when in the open field.
Temple Guard While not a Knightly order perse, they are an Order militant. Dedicated to protecting the faithful of the Many, they are additional support for the Battleborn and the Many followers besieged by the One Faith.
The Benevolent Order of the Repenters A motley yet growing gathering of former Reliants and Templars who have forsaken their previous lives, the rift between their factions and even their names in order to focus upon the fight against the terrifying and evil Qatunax.
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