Lord Nicolo D'Armaz
Alejandro AlbarracĂ­n
Alejandro AlbarracĂ­n as Nicolo D'Armaz
Full Name: Nicolo D'Armaz
Byname: {$byname}
Age: 29
Kingdom: Aequor
House: D'Armaz
Title/Profession: Lord
Position: Heir
Place of Birth: Mount Rosalia
Sheet Information: http://eternalcrusade.wikidot.com/nicolo-sheet
Father: Baron Adriono D'Armaz
Mother: Lady Bellami Estenfai (deceased)
Siblings: Rufous (deceased), Dario, Myrana and half brother Achilles (deceased)
Spouse: None
Children: A few unclaimed bastards


On the Grid

By Love or by Fear


Adriono Adriono D'Armaz : Nicolo always had a complicated relationship with his father. His true opinions are kept to himself but to the rest of the world he carries out his father's will unquestionably.
Bellami Bellami Estenfai : {$relationship}
Rufous Rufous D'Armaz : Relationship
Dario Dario D'Armaz : Relationship
Achilles Achilles D'Armaz : Birthright thief and the man who could do no wrong.
Myrana Myrana D'Armaz : Recently made heir over me. The eldest. I think I may need to have a long chat with her and certain blonde haired savage with a bucket of salt water.
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