Duchess Myrana D'Armaz
Emilia Clarke
Emilia Clarke as Myrana D'Armaz
Full Name: Myrana D'Armaz
Byname: Blackcat
Age: 25 (17 Sept 1846 IE)
Kingdom: Aequor
House: D'Armaz
Title/Profession: Duchess
Position: Heir of D'Armaz, Duchess of Gendiel
Place of Birth: Mount Rosa
Sheet Information: http://eternalcrusade.wikidot.com/myrana-sheet
Father: Count Adriono D'Armaz
Mother: Deceased
Siblings: Nicolo D'Armaz (Heir), Dario Tevino, (bishop) Mikhas and Leon (bastards) and many many many other NPC half-siblings (bastards)
Spouse: Count Sir Ramius D'Arran
Children: 2, whatever

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Adriono Count Adriono D'Armaz : Myrana respects and loves her father but she has very few illusions about him. She would rather die than betray him or the Family, and now that he has seemingly rewarded her loyalty by allowing her to marry Baron D'Arran, her fealty is even stronger. She's only ever angered him once in her adult life, and she's resolved never to do it again. Its no secret in Fiorello how Lord Nicolo lost his little finger.
Nicolo Lord Nicolo D'Armaz : Any love Myra has for her brother is outweighed by his crimes against their people (more than his attempt to have her killed once Adriono made her the Heir over him). Myrana is now determined to become the Countess and protect their people from the ruthlessness of his rule. She's afraid of him, because she knows that he killed their legitimate siblings, and she knows he was behind the siege on Fiorello that killed 100 of her people. Before their father surprised everyone by giving her hand to Ramius in marriage at Castle Armaz following that siege, she quite blatantly swore an oath to hang anyone who threatened her people again by their entrails. It was definitely directed at Nicolo. All pretense of her ignorance as to his nature was destroyed. Now she's married to a terrifying mountain giant, so she's a little less afraid of him… but she's careful not to be alone in places where he might be.
Dario Bishop Dario Tevino : Myra's older brother, a bastard of Adriono's trained by the church. A bishop. She loves Dario deeply, and misses him. Strife fell between them after she shot his lover in the leg with a hand-cannon (though it was, in fact, to prevent Adriono's wrath from falling on Dario for refusing to shoot the man himself). Since then he has been elsewhere, presumably serving the Family's interests in Rikton. She doesn't know for sure.
Leon Leon Faure : Leon is the captain of Adriono's personal ship. His stories are a little blue for her.
Ravio Ravio Hearthbelt, nee Armaz : Dear cousin and bodyguard. He was once one of Adriono's top secret policemen, specializing in catburglary.
Samuel Samuel Hearthbelt : Ravio's husband who was once one of Adriono's favourite pit-fighters. He is much sweeter than Ravio and shares his duties. How he came to Four Corners is something he doesn't talk about, but he is definitely the exuberant, sunny match for wry and svelte Ravio.
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