House Arkanin of Murias
Still Alive, Still Fight
House Overview
Head of House: Viscount Cervantes Arkanin
Spouse: None
Vassals: As a County, it holds more than a few vassals for which it bears responsibility
Heir: None
Liege: House Arkanin of Wayston
Succession: Immediate Eldest Male of the Bloodline.
Military Strength: Very Powerful
Goods: Opal, Steel, Silver, Obsidian, Marble, Timber.
Wealth: Very Wealthy
Motto: Still Alive, Still Fight


House Arkanin of Murias is a County under their lieges and cousins, House Arkanin of Wayston. Much like their cousins, Arkanin of Murias is a Mountain County, giving it an extremely defensible position along with a large supply of metals, jewels, and the like that come from the mines. Though they are often considered to be separated from the world, earning them a peace and quiet, they are very 'in the know' as it were of world events. They are known for their powerful martial might, and outstanding wealth. They remained Neutral during the First Succession War, and only for a little bit of the Second before they rose their banners. They are the home of the Legendary Sentinels of Murias, heavy spear infantry that are arguably among the best in all the land, and are fully acclimated to the rough, yet beautiful, mountainous regions.



House Relations

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