Kingdom of Mitanga
The Seas are our home, land is but a temporary dwelling
House Overview
Head of House: King Kamehua te Manua
Spouse: Queen Lylanue te Manua
Vassals: All the Families of the Mitanga
Heir: Kenta te Manua
Liege: N/A
Succession: Eldest Child
Military Strength: Very Strong Navy, and elite soldiers.
Goods: Fishing, Ocean products, Navigational tools.
Wealth: Very Wealthy. Mostly silver and precious gems.
Motto: The Seas are our home, land is but a temporary dwelling


Potalaua Te Mitanga, which can loosely be translated to the Kingdom of Mitanga, or the Kingdom of the People, are a strong naval power from the far west. They come from a large island chain, with the home island being a small island continent. They follow the god of Creation, whom they have named: Ya’we’anuwe and by the stars, and moons, traverse the Oceans of Tirth. Rumors of their cannibalism have spread throughout the West as more and more ships have encountered the People.


Kingdom Relations

Aequor Maris : We know little of these northern people. Their ships are more pretty than function, and their warriors are soft.
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