Countess Mercedes 'Mercy' d'Juliano

"Coddled and now well kept, one daughter killed, had anyone wept? Your Parenting and Parentage in question, your lands both dirt and water an aquisition, your heart is of the sea. However your heart will find fire, and weep. With all turning from you, thanks to your ire."

Kiera Knightly
Kiera Knightly as Mercedes Aria Juli d'Juliano
Full Name: Mercedes Aria Juli d'Juliano
Byname: Laughing Siren
Age: 37
Kingdom: Aequor
House: d'Juliano
Title/Profession: Countess of Arcadia County
Position: Royal Admiral of the Aequor Navy
Place of Birth: New Kashmir, Arcadia County
Sheet Information:
Father: Percival d'Juliano nee d'Korbina
Mother: Victoria d'Juliano
Siblings: Jayke (28) Claudia (26)
Spouse: Widowed
Children: Kallifa (Dead) Antina (18) Reynard (17, Open) Brandon (13) Cyndae (11)


Countess of Arcadia County, Head of the d'Juliano Family and Admiral of the Royal Aequor navy.

On the Grid


Her Excellency Countess Mercedes Aria Juli d'Juliano of Arcadia

Royal Admiral of the Aequor Royal Navy

Vassal of his Royal Majesty, King Marius al'Ramar of the Kingdom of Aequor.


Antina My little Guppy : Unlike your sister, you care for more than yourself. I have my reasons for making Kallifa heir, and one day you'll find out why. You were never a 'spare' or a 'throw away child'. You are more like me than you know.
Ludovic Mr. Temper : Her first Cousin, a Fellow county leader, and easily provoked and upset. She cares for her cousin, though he can sometimes be quite the ass. He left Aequor and joined the Imperials. Granted, that marks him out as a traitor, but still, blood is blood.
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